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juju I am back again... - Subscribe
Well all my friends who are live in i am back...

long time i don;t type anything in this blog actually because i forgot my user name and password...but thanks for my friend SEMPOII because of her (you are her, right?) i can remember my user name and password again...


ok see you...i have no idea to share right now
Mood: kawaii

juju Ready for the competition... Feb 25th, 2005 6:24:22 am - Subscribe and my friends are planning to take parts in some competitions...there are 2 competitions that we will join...
1. Costplay competition for RAGNAROK characters....actually i don't know anything about RAGANAROK...but my friends ask me to become the fashion designer for this competition..but I prefer to be the model...ha3x..

2. Global TV Indie Film Festival...this is a competition that will be end on we are planning to take all the scenes and editing in next month (march)..i already have an idea for the film...but i have difficulties to make it in a script.....i've told my idea to my friends but they seems don't like the idea...they only said "it's a great idea..but the mimic didn' say like don't want to help me to write the script....hikzzz..hikzzz...

he3x....but i am ready fror the competitions....well...i don't care about the result...but i have to try ...... wish me luck
Mood: competition spirit

juju i hate my computer.... Feb 18th, 2005 12:21:09 pm - Subscribe
i didn't do something wrong to my computer...last time i used computer was this morning at 5 am and evrything was ok...i was downloading windows updates...after all downloadings and installations done successly i shuted down my computer...

but now i find my computer with no desktop, no taskbar, no menu or start menu......

how can i use my computer?

there's only a wallpaper but with no any features like shortcut or right click i can't do anything normally...

then i decide to use a "unique" way to run programs....i use ctrl+alt+del to run the task manager then i call all programs that i need with it.....

but it only reduced my heart pain....but didn't solve my problems...

i want my computer back to normal....


anyone can help me?
Mood: help me....

redzones Tuesdayy..!! Feb 15th, 2005 10:53:34 am - Subscribe
Hi all..

I've just played VOS ( stand for virtual orchestra studio )'s fun to played yet difficult.. I must pratice
my finger fluenty dancing
to keyboard.. although i used the easy game controller..haizz..lolz..
at this time, i'm kinda bored coz nothing to do.. i havent feel sleepy now,
so, just thinking of wad am i going to do..^^ playing or eating or sleeping or messaging my frenss.. ^^ wink.gif
How's doing y'all? Peace on earth n God bless us..!! happy.gif
Mood: alone

juju New goal of me... Feb 15th, 2005 7:30:02 am - Subscribe
Today is my first day study in campus for the 2nd semester...only 2 classes that i have attended today, they are Marketing Management and Business Math....

I am very excited in campus today coz i have set my goal for this semester that i have to get a better grades....

I am sick of being a lazy person, being a person who act depend on my mood and not controling the mood it self...i hate that...but that was me...

And now i am trying to become another person, to become a person who can manage my self and my mood....and let me start it with my study in campus...i have to get all A grades for this semester....

support me ok?...don't forget to pray for me in your daily pray...

Mood: motivated

redzones Monday...^=^ Happy Valentine day.. Feb 14th, 2005 11:08:46 am - Subscribe
Well.. first of all..let me introduce myself.. tounge.gif my name is Lina, live in jakarta.. n now I'm 21 years old.. ( but feel like still 15 years old ) huahuahhua... joking.. grin.gif I have one sister n two bro's... but now i'm living only with my eldest bro..n of course my mom n dad.. I think tt's enough for my introducing.. happy.gif if u want to know 'bout me.. just asking or contact me ok!! grin.gif

It's a sunny day... a lil bit of confuse..why is it so hot today..coz yesterday, it was so cold n rainy all day long..!!
I'm beginning today by go to campus.. so tired..!! coz must wake up so early.
after that.. i went back home.. then took my mom n went to airport.. coz my uncle arrived from medan.. job..phewww...many patients go to the doctor today..n i've finished my job at 22.00 o clock.. happy.gif but i feel fun today..
thx God for today..!! ^^ GBU all..
Happy Valentine's day all.. Love is like wind, can't see it, but can feel it.. wink.gif
Mood: fun

juju Monday Valentine Feb 13th, 2005 11:29:39 pm - Subscribe
Today i woke up at 8 am...and then wucikly i prepare my self to go to campus after finish reading the newspaper....

nothing interesting in the newspaper today...actually everyday nothing interesting...but i dunno why i always read the newspaper (just like my routinity), what i like from newspapper is only the ads..

In campus nothing i do, i only check my schedule for classes which start tommorrow. I also waiting the result of my final exam last semester, but until now i write this blog...i am still waiting

Anyway...even this day is valentine day but for me who have no any GF every valentine just go on like other days...ha3x....poo me....but i am really excited of being back to campus...yeah....i am back..
Mood: none

juju Trick or truth... Feb 13th, 2005 12:43:11 pm - Subscribe
Ha3x...if i remember the title above it remind me to HALOWEEN stuff...but today is not haloween....

Today i am so happy coz i can tricked my at 5 pm i and my friend want meet each other at our friend's house (veny)....

then i send sms to her at 5.25..." i am on the way to veny's house" then after couples minutes i send sms again "hey..i am in veny's house now...where r u? hurry up.." but i am at home sitting on my chair and watching TV at that time...ha3x...

then after 20 minutes...i got a phonecall from her..."hey ju...where r u? i am in veny's house now...hurry're a liar"...

ha3x...i am laughing at that mind said "...i got you....ha3x..."....
Mood: liar...

redzones Sunday...!! ^^ Feb 13th, 2005 7:36:39 am - Subscribe
Sunday..sunday... today i filled my day with a lot of activities.. The main news today was.. Oh, i dunno how must i feel..happy or sad..coz my sis went back to sydney..after she spent whole holiday in here, jakarta.. but i feel freeee now... sorry sis.. happy.gif
tadi nganter cc gw ke airport.. duh ujan terus yah jakarta.. damn cold..from airport trus ke pluit deh makan mie, es buah, sate padang.. duh kenyang gila.. n then pulang sampe rumah.. online deh.. ( disibukkan dengan panggilan2 kerja ..duh feel so tired..)
anyway.. see y my sis.. wis all d bes..!!
nb : today i made this blog... i've got recommended by my fren, ju2.. thx.. grin.gif
Mood: touchy

juju Sunday...lazy day Feb 13th, 2005 4:52:17 am - Subscribe
I think this day is time for me to getting lazy all i'm wrong..everyday is my lazy day..ha3x...

No different with yesterday, today i woke up at 1 pm too (shit...why i can't wake up earlier?)....huh...

my vacation will be end tommorrow and i have to go back to my collage...i hope i won't be late again like the last semester....i am tired of being late and miss all the classes....

Mood: ambitious

juju Sleep till you drop... Feb 12th, 2005 1:13:48 pm - Subscribe
Today i woke up at 1 pm...(huaa....too late), i don't know why i can sleep that long, but i think it becoz the rain. Yep the rain make the room temperature cold so it makes me lazy and enjoyed my sleep.

Mood: wet and sleepy

juju Blog temlate Feb 10th, 2005 11:29:19 am - Subscribe
I think i don't like the template that i use in my blog..i want to change it but i have no better option...i try to find a free template throught but i don't know how to use it....i already change the code of my default template with the template that i want...but still not work....

so can anyone help me? coz i have no idea....
Mood: trouble

juju what is he doing? Feb 10th, 2005 10:37:04 am - Subscribe
In this particular order, do you think what is he doing?....

ha3x....funny moment
Mood: curious??

juju Old Friends Feb 10th, 2005 10:33:29 am - Subscribe
After long time (but not too long), i meet my high school friends. They just come from SEMARANG ( a city that's far from JAKARTA).
Nothing change about them, they are still the same like when we were in high school.
At the mall we were chat about our high school and friends. We were remembering cracy things that we have done in high school and stuffs like that.

This is my photo with my friends when we come to our friend's house.

anyway don't you think that the boy in the middle looks like dr. boyke nugraha?...oh u can't see it? ok...this is the single photo of what do you think about dr. boyke's son?

.....ha3x....for those who don't know dr.boyke, dr. boyke is the no. 1 consulting doctor of sex and OnG in Indonesia....
Mood: miss this moment

juju Chinese New Year and GADING Mall Feb 10th, 2005 10:15:42 am - Subscribe
It's one day after chinese new year now. Since my friends ask me to go to GADING mall to welcoming them who just come from SEMARANG to JAKARTA, so I go to GADING mall.
I meet them at the food court, but damn it's so crowded there coz every people go to GADING mall. Most of them are chinese who just celebrate the Chinese New Year with their relatives and family. Coz the food court is too crowded so i have difficulties to have a chair for me.
But finally i got chair then sit with my friends and we were chat until night.
Mood: better

juju Computer goes down:: Feb 9th, 2005 2:24:34 pm - Subscribe
Hm...suckz my computer is suckz....for the hundreds times my computer goes i have to re-install and re-format everything....
to make me relize that the only way to fix it is to re-install it, i take more than 10 times to restarting my computer...
Then after consumed couples hours my computer works thank you GOD...
Mood: indescribable

juju DUFAN...old story Feb 9th, 2005 4:25:57 am - Subscribe

Friends of my friend...di atas ini foto temennya temen gw yg ikut barengan ke DUFAn...lihat gaya2 mereka di saat sedang mengantri BOM2 CAR...he3x....

Tahu apa yg seru kalo lagi naik BOM2 Car? he3x....maksudnya kalo lagi ngantri mo naik BOM2 Car...ya ini dia kita berhasil foto cewek seksi secara diam2...well sayangnya fotonya sangat gelap coz kita harus matiin blitz agar sang target tidak tahu sedang kita foto....(foto di atas dah diterangin lewat komputer)...

He3x tahu kan mainan paling membosankan di DUFAN?...yup that's right.."istana boneka"..gak ada yg lebih menyebalkan dari ini...but asik juga sih kita bisa foto di dalam sambil goyang2in perahu....hush...ada "perahu goyang"...hi3x

Nah yg di atas ini masih dari "istana boneka" but ini foto gw and temen2 gw....(yg tadi2 kan bukan temen gw)...nah gw yg di tengah...hua2x...penuh dengan keringat dan peluh....emang capek banget sih
Mood: careless

juju Me and web design Feb 9th, 2005 3:48:22 am - Subscribe
Gw sangat tertarik dengan web design, and ingin sekali gw bisa mendesign sebuah web yg sangat bagus dan sangat profesional, but masih jauh kayaknya.
Gw kenal web design dari kelas 1 SMU dikenalin sama temen gw (isra)...cuma saat itu gw bikin web cuma pake template2 yg sudah ada di ""..setelah itu gw mood2an bikin web design hampir gak pernah ada design web yg gw bikin secara serius, semuanya pasti terbengkalai karena waktu.......dan gw dulu2 bikin webnya cuma pake program "word" and "frontpage".
Setelah itu sekarang gw and temen gw berniat membuat unofficial fansite AgnesMonica...dan untuk project ini akhirnya gw belajar "dreamwaver" dari sebuah majalah...well dengan sedikit kemampuan "photoshop" akhirnya gw mencoba membikin...waktu yg gw butuhin untuk belajar and bikin web dgn dreamwaver ini kurang dari 1 minggu..but kayanya mood gw semakin berkurang aja.....
But finally...jadi juga webnya (walau blom kelar)...nih alamatnya:

Ok2, kalo ada yg jago web design, give me a tutorial ok?....bye and GBu
Mood: psychic