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alice59 Five Accessories to Buy with that New Cell Phone Gift - Subscribe
Smartphones are slated as one of the most wanted gifts this year. If you are one of the few great gift givers about to give a loved one a new cell phone, you should consider a few things as side gifts. These items don’t come on a hefty cell phone contract, but are essential to the phone experience. Those accessories you may want to consider are:

1. Car chargers. Keeping a cell phone charged no matter where you are is essential to enjoying it. Car chargers keep phones charged during long trips, between work and home, and in emergency situations. A few considerations do come with car chargers. The first is that if you already own a car charger, it just might work for that new cell phone. The second consideration is to shop around for car chargers. Sure, the store you are purchasing the new cell phone maybe great to just add on a charger, but unless the store is offering some sort of discount, it is often cheaper other places.

2. Extra batteries. If you happen to be buying a cell phone that has a swappable battery, it may be a great idea to purchase an extra battery. An extra battery is beneficial for those heavy phone users who do a ton of travel. Nothing sucks worse than using a cell phone for entertainment on a long plane ride, only to have the battery die half way to your destination. A spare battery, or two, can go a long way to keeping folks entertained.

3. Insurance plans. Those who are giving a cell phone to someone who is hard on electronics just might have a grand benefit to an insurance plan. Yeah, this accessory is not cool and fun, but it comes in handy when the heavy user breaks their new cell phone the very first day they have it. This may not be an accessory for everyone, but if you are bestowing an expensive cell phone upon someone prone to breaking electronics, this insurance plan can be a lifesaver.

4. Phone cases. After spending a pretty penny on that cell phone, you want to make sure your recipient has a way to protect it. Giving a nice cell phone case can go a long way to keep that new toy looking great over months of use and abuse. A benefit to spending a pretty penny on a good case is that some even come with battery packs. This means those phones without swappable batteries get the most benefit of having more go juice.

5. App Store gift cards. If this new cell phone has a marketplace attached to it, a gift card is a great way to allow the recipient to purchase their favorite games and apps at no cost to them. Many cell phones now come with marketplaces filled to the brim with great entertainment choices. Even a $25 gift card to the online stores can go a long way to enriching the value to that new toy.
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alice59 Samsung Galaxy S5570 Review Jun 21st, 2011 2:18:15 am - Subscribe
Samsung Galaxy S5570 is an youthful smartphone with rounded design. It has a capacitive touchscreen display of 3.14 inches, with a resolution of 320×240 pixels and can display up to 256 000 colors.

Earlier this year, the manufacturer Samsung has unveiled its new Samsung S5570 Galaxy, a young and modern smartphone that can be considered as the latest version lighter and cheaper than other Android models made by the producer.

We begin this review by having a look at its technical specs.

As for network coverage, it is a Dual Mode, and supports both the GSM network, in this case, Quadband, UMTS Dualband is a network, using the whole the frequencies 850, 900, 1800, 1900 and 2100 MHz and full coverage excellent all over the world.Samsung Galaxy Next allows you browse the Internet, with the HTML browser, and using its Wi-Fi connectivity, which lets you browse for free using a hot spot in your area. The browsing speed is high, thanks to the HSDPA technology, which ensures a transfer up to 7.2 mbps.

To synchronize data with other devices, there are the USB port and Bluetooth. The smartphone is running on Android operating system version 2.2.1 and a 600 Mhz processor, which ensures decent performance.

We continue our review with the detailed analysis of the Samsung S5570 Galaxy.
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