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alienanchovies Junk - Subscribe
we'll looks like i finally did it, i joined the blogging community. ill be sure to add something interesting in the next few hours, right now im late for class and hungry so i'll have to dart over to jack in the box and snarf down a cheeseburger and hope i dont kill any one on the way back
Mood: amused
Listening to: strung out - bark at the moon

alienanchovies Girls are foul Jul 1st, 2004 11:14:56 pm - Subscribe
I've come to the conclusion that half of all women shloud be deep fried alive and their remianes be fed to giant flesh eating radioactive demon wasps. the other 50% be forced to watch and take notes. I’m pretty damn sure there’s a factory out there that spits out stupid chicks by the billions… my mission in life is to find it and set it on fire, I'm probably just spewing forth useless drivel but thats kinda what I do , and now heres a random picture

I've also come to realize that a lot of times we get into "relationships" knowing damn well they won't work, but we do it because at least for a little while we feel like we're needed. We do dumb shit all in the name of "love", shit we know in the end isnt really good for us, but for that moment in time it makes you feel like you have purpose
that being said im gonna go take a crap and watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Mood: indescribable
Listening to: Rancid - Hooligans

alienanchovies ooooh linkage Jul 2nd, 2004 6:26:01 am - Subscribe

every body loves links and if you dont that means the terrorists have already won!

Yo, alligators
Rent A Peasant
Microsoft 'patents human skin
The hall of douchebags
The new tennis hotness

Mood: pleased
Listening to: the polyphonic spree - hold me now

alienanchovies Ghost hunting Jul 2nd, 2004 11:21:32 pm - Subscribe
looks like im gonna be doing some ghost hunting and getting paid for it, at 12:00 im gonna go work a shift with my cousin down at "Hatchet Elementery", anyway some of the guys whove been pulling shifts down there have heard foot steps, voices speaking in spanish, and have reported seeing odd stuff out of the corner of their eye. pretty frucking wicked if you ask me, anyway i should get out of work at 4:00 am so i'll let yous guys know how it turned out. Im taking my nun-chucks just incase!

If youre into the paranormal and what not go ahead and give coast to coast a listen
Mood: weird
Listening to: coast to coast

alienanchovies update on the ghost thing Jul 3rd, 2004 6:06:38 am - Subscribe
im out doing my rounds and i hear foot steps and im all' what the crap" so i walk around to where they were the loudest and i get to the gym or whatever it is and its freaking cold in there which is weird cause it was hot as fuck every where else and i dont think they installed the ac yet then BAM i heard the scaryest fucking gutteral noise and freaked out sprayed pepper spray all over the place and ran to my car
Mood: scared
Listening to: Alkaline Trio - Blue Carolina