Zurich 8.22am
Date: Mar 19th, 2010 2:21:09 am - Subscribe
Mood: rad

The adaptor I got from Mustafa cheated me. So now I have a hairdrzer, laptop, phone, phone charger, speakers and camera which I cannot use.

Iäm in the hotel lobby now using their free access computer which looks rather ancient. The funny thing I realise about this kezbôard is that where the Y is normallz, is a Z. So if I were to saz something like this, it will look like that: Zour Yebra is verz zellow. Haha

I cant log into facebook for some reason, thez will ask me to register. Mazbe Iäm not a facebook citiyen in Zurich. I cant log into mz office emails, which I kind of dont mind considering what I found out zesterdaz.

Im off to Basel now, and I hope mz heels will not die on me (boththe soles of mz shoes came off on the first daz at the airport)

One thing I realised too is that there is not at (is it called at) sign onthe kezboard. the one zou put in zour email address. So i had to cut and paste from somewhere. Which caused the comp to shut down cuy i pressed somethign wrong

its strange here. zet im glad. later
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