Sorry girl but you missed out
Date: Dec 4th, 2006 4:13:20 am - Subscribe
Mood: whimsical

I jsut remebered why I no longer blog here.

I hate this.

No I dont.

This was a beautiful chapter and like each chapter this one has to close.

This chapter ended.

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Date: Dec 4th, 2006 3:43:39 am - Subscribe
Mood: incomplete

Why do you have to go and make things so compliated?
I worked all weekend…10 hours Saturday. 10 hours Sunday. No not because I do not have a social life….well I don’t but that’s not what I am getting to here, I worked to afford Christmas and then I find out everyone including me is working in Christmas Eve…argh!

So anyway, yea the weekend wasn’t much. Work.

The military takeover has happened in Fiji. They have promised to make it a bloodless coup…but only time will tell. How can people be so stupid? Where does the greed, hatred, envy breed? Or are some people just naturally born jerks?

Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard have won Labor Leadership….woot woot!!!

Yesh yesh I am aware non of you really care but hey, its what matters to me.

The fashion show is on tomrow along with the Vision G BBQ =( Cant go to the BBQ because I need to waiter for the show =(

It’s a damn cold night trying to figure out this night

Everything else is just plain old good.

Fine, so Josh I invited Josh to the “Girls Day” but hey…I mean come on he is practically a chick =D nah jk jk ! Skye is going to kill me..

Speaking of Skye…stupid whore, she didn’t come today so I spent the hour picking on Jason and Monica and talking with Kay and Joshie..

I have moved on. I am in a place where even your memories don’t scar =D
I have also moved on from something/ someone in the past… heh took me long enuff =D

Listening to “Irreplaceable” kinda true…didn’t take more then a week to have a certain someone replaced.

Need to Christmas shop...very badly =D

I overheard mum and dad talking. “………shes pretty good, I mean she turned out well” “shes 15 she still has a way to go” “shes nice to have around until you get on her bad side” “shes 15, she feels betrayed by the world, she hates her home” “that’s the thing she doesn’t, bit weird” “but the thing is she doesn’t feel that way, shes content” “shes happy, we raised her well shes turned out well shes smart, saving the world, making things happen and for a 15 year old, she has fanatastic relationships with everyone what more can we ask” “speaking of relationhips…any idea why she ripped the card I got for her friend…her brother guy..michael, Mitchell something?” “Shes 15 she hates the world”

I love you.

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Date: Nov 2nd, 2006 5:12:14 am - Subscribe
Mood: haunted

Theres a sense of doubt and insecurity creeping in.

My head has been connecting the dots and believes that soemthing is up.

My gutt is telling me he wont ever do it and if he did he would tell me.

I dont know who to believe.

He was at her place ysterday.

She is at his place...this very moment...10.15pm....why?

"just friends"
is it even possible?

I trust him..but maybe thats a mistake...a very big one...
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Date: Sep 6th, 2006 5:26:29 am - Subscribe
Mood: congested

....he tackled her to the ground onto the crisp spring leaves...the stars were out, she tried to push him over, his eyes were in her eyes, his lips slowly pressed onto her...she was losing herself. everything felt perfect with him, the stars and the leaves. it felt like a scence out of a movie expect it was was happening to HER.

she played with her hair while he continued to kiss, it was perfect.

was she losing herself to the one guy she never thought she would? had she already lost herself to him?
was this the beginning of something good...or something bad....
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Fucked up
Date: Jul 28th, 2006 9:26:18 am - Subscribe
Mood: cuddly

I hate this.
I dont know.
I hate who I have become.
I dont know what I have become.
I dont know why I have become this person.

Lewis asked me to trust him again.
I dont know what I am meant to do.

Mitchell said I am the only one he has.
I dont know what I am supposed to do.

I hate it all.

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Date: Jul 20th, 2006 5:16:43 am - Subscribe
Mood: punky

the Matt.

Its so weird, kinda strange too, but "Matt" the perfect guy, hm yea well I made a new friend, his name is Matt.

Lemme go through the perfect Matt list

- Smart
-Cares about the world
-Understands me
-Kinda crazy

Now Matt

-Care about the world
-Understands me
-A little krazy
-Very opininated.

I dont know lol.
*stabs herself*

crappiness hes on the net though =(

Ironic, we starting off as fighting in a forum and now I feel he knows me better.

And no, nothing going on, we are just friends.

Damn if only....
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Date: Jul 6th, 2006 10:23:58 am - Subscribe
Mood: unimportant

Get ready to hear me bitch like you have never seen me bitch before.

A few people in my life, lack some serious backbone.

If you have something against me, something against the way I do things or something I believe in, say it to my face because going behind my back simply means that A. you dont believe in that thing enough to say it to my face and B. your a spineless moron who doesnt know what he/she is saying and that you are highly flawed and the truth might just hurt you.

If you dont believe in something enough to stand up for it and make it public then dont say it because saying it in your comfort zone where the thing cant be defended is simply .... pathetic.

If you have half the confidence in what your saying, then say it to someone who can tell you the truth and a good enough reason.

Grow some backbones , start being honest to yourself first of all, because seriously who are you kidding? or start being honest, if you have something to attack, attack it heaad on if you have enough faith in yourself, if you dont, if maybe you think your wrong, maybe your facts are flawed then dont even bother.

Attacking someone from where they cant defend themselves is utterly pathetic because once again you dont believe your strong (or your case is not strong enough) to hear the repsonse.

Nite vegas!
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Date: Jul 4th, 2006 5:32:18 am - Subscribe
Mood: left

I am in love with love itself.
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Date: Jun 29th, 2006 6:02:09 am - Subscribe
Mood: sour

Okie so like not much going on and I know I am almost over blogging but I shall force myself to continue.
Heh kinda funny before I had to force myself to stop ranting. I have been missing *him* like crazy, very very silly.

Yesterday was the movie day, Tim and I walked home...he jokingly asked me out hehehe, we were talking about something and I was like "now if we were a couple.." and he was like "who says we arent" and then 10 mintues later, we were mucking around and hes like "wana go out?"
me - "with who?"
him - "I m kidding"
me - "oh u mean you, er like no?"
him - "I m jokin i m jokin"

Yea silliness, he so digs Sarah. They look cute together, but dammiit!

So anyway, onto more silliness, last week some chicks were trying to make me jealous about Charlie (close mate) I did get jealous, not because I like him or anything but because I am possesive.

Ms.Bower is leaving..tomrow.
Yikes...I need to get her flowers and chcolate for her support for my social justice group....yikkeeeesss

Ah last day of school tomrow....then holidayssssssssssssssssssss

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Date: Jun 19th, 2006 6:51:10 am - Subscribe
Mood: dizzy

Okie so hm er hmm yea

I like him.
Ekk so wrong.

Make up, break up, make up, break up.

Sure he can be a total jerk at times and makes me wana bash his head into a wall but i dunno, he also has his lil cute things.

Oh shittiness
the fact that we cant be together. Ever.
The fact that he doesnt care. Ever.

Dont say he does and anything is possible, we tried and we failed miserbaly, the next we will try agen mayb in 10 years time
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