Date: Jul 6th, 2006 10:23:58 am - Subscribe
Mood: unimportant

Get ready to hear me bitch like you have never seen me bitch before.

A few people in my life, lack some serious backbone.

If you have something against me, something against the way I do things or something I believe in, say it to my face because going behind my back simply means that A. you dont believe in that thing enough to say it to my face and B. your a spineless moron who doesnt know what he/she is saying and that you are highly flawed and the truth might just hurt you.

If you dont believe in something enough to stand up for it and make it public then dont say it because saying it in your comfort zone where the thing cant be defended is simply .... pathetic.

If you have half the confidence in what your saying, then say it to someone who can tell you the truth and a good enough reason.

Grow some backbones , start being honest to yourself first of all, because seriously who are you kidding? or start being honest, if you have something to attack, attack it heaad on if you have enough faith in yourself, if you dont, if maybe you think your wrong, maybe your facts are flawed then dont even bother.

Attacking someone from where they cant defend themselves is utterly pathetic because once again you dont believe your strong (or your case is not strong enough) to hear the repsonse.

Nite vegas!
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