Date: Jun 29th, 2006 6:02:09 am - Subscribe
Mood: sour

Okie so like not much going on and I know I am almost over blogging but I shall force myself to continue.
Heh kinda funny before I had to force myself to stop ranting. I have been missing *him* like crazy, very very silly.

Yesterday was the movie day, Tim and I walked home...he jokingly asked me out hehehe, we were talking about something and I was like "now if we were a couple.." and he was like "who says we arent" and then 10 mintues later, we were mucking around and hes like "wana go out?"
me - "with who?"
him - "I m kidding"
me - "oh u mean you, er like no?"
him - "I m jokin i m jokin"

Yea silliness, he so digs Sarah. They look cute together, but dammiit!

So anyway, onto more silliness, last week some chicks were trying to make me jealous about Charlie (close mate) I did get jealous, not because I like him or anything but because I am possesive.

Ms.Bower is leaving..tomrow.
Yikes...I need to get her flowers and chcolate for her support for my social justice group....yikkeeeesss

Ah last day of school tomrow....then holidayssssssssssssssssssss

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