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Mood: incomplete

Why do you have to go and make things so compliated?
I worked all weekend…10 hours Saturday. 10 hours Sunday. No not because I do not have a social life….well I don’t but that’s not what I am getting to here, I worked to afford Christmas and then I find out everyone including me is working in Christmas Eve…argh!

So anyway, yea the weekend wasn’t much. Work.

The military takeover has happened in Fiji. They have promised to make it a bloodless coup…but only time will tell. How can people be so stupid? Where does the greed, hatred, envy breed? Or are some people just naturally born jerks?

Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard have won Labor Leadership….woot woot!!!

Yesh yesh I am aware non of you really care but hey, its what matters to me.

The fashion show is on tomrow along with the Vision G BBQ =( Cant go to the BBQ because I need to waiter for the show =(

It’s a damn cold night trying to figure out this night

Everything else is just plain old good.

Fine, so Josh I invited Josh to the “Girls Day” but hey…I mean come on he is practically a chick =D nah jk jk ! Skye is going to kill me..

Speaking of Skye…stupid whore, she didn’t come today so I spent the hour picking on Jason and Monica and talking with Kay and Joshie..

I have moved on. I am in a place where even your memories don’t scar =D
I have also moved on from something/ someone in the past… heh took me long enuff =D

Listening to “Irreplaceable” kinda true…didn’t take more then a week to have a certain someone replaced.

Need to Christmas shop...very badly =D

I overheard mum and dad talking. “………shes pretty good, I mean she turned out well” “shes 15 she still has a way to go” “shes nice to have around until you get on her bad side” “shes 15, she feels betrayed by the world, she hates her home” “that’s the thing she doesn’t, bit weird” “but the thing is she doesn’t feel that way, shes content” “shes happy, we raised her well shes turned out well shes smart, saving the world, making things happen and for a 15 year old, she has fanatastic relationships with everyone what more can we ask” “speaking of relationhips…any idea why she ripped the card I got for her friend…her brother guy..michael, Mitchell something?” “Shes 15 she hates the world”

I love you.

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