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ambiance Paths - Subscribe
The days wind softly down paths unknown
throughout a life
throughout eternity

The faith it takes to walk the path
leads to heads
leads to hearts

Heads or Hearts

upon destination arrival

Where are you
Mood: nostalgic

ambiance Weekend Apr 20th, 2004 3:54:30 am - Subscribe
Boat in the water, start our boating season.

Asked a couple of boaters and they tell us the water temp is 57 degrees...(they gauged it)

I felt it.

I don my full body wet suit to waterski.

Finger pointing all up and down the lake..hubby laughing telling me I was the toughest gal he ever met.

It is gonna be a great season.

Boating season ya know...
Mood: happy

ambiance I thank you Lord! Apr 26th, 2004 12:10:41 am - Subscribe
I thank and praise you awesome Lord! You are so good to me. Thank you for your blessings Lord. I thank you!
Mood: joy filled