Date: Aug 19th, 2005 4:54:04 pm - Subscribe
Mood: sick! sick of BABYSITTING! but not sick of getting paid. bah, humbug.
Quote of the day: \"I\'m a thug, I don\'t say my R\'s\"

That's right, I said Aha! You want to know why? Well...YOU CAN'T. You big jerk.

So, I'm babysitting 3 kids and so far it's gone pretty well, except for one minor life threatening situation. But, other than that...things are good!

Alright, here's the deal. There I was, staring into the jaws of death...I mean the dishwasher. Actually I wasn't staring into it, I was loading it with dirty dishes, cuz I'm a good person. So it was all loaded, and I went to put detergent in there when I realized that they were ALL OUT! *gasps of horror ripple through the crowd* That's right. So I put liquid dish soap in there. I didn't really know if that kind of soap was supposed to go in the dishwasher or not, so I looked on the bottle to see what it said. I saw no warnings or anything. Nothing like "DON'T YOU DARE PUT THIS IN THE DISHWASHER, YOU FREAKIN IDIOT!" or anything like that, so I figured I was ok.

I started it up and walked away. I came back about...20 minutes later and the whole kitchen, that's right, THE WHOLE KITCHEN was covered in soap suds! AH! So I freaked out and tried unsuccessfully to clean it up. It took me about an hour and a half to get rid of all those blasted bubbles. Honestly, don't you think that the geniouses who made that soap would put SOME SORT OF WARNING on there?! I mean come on, blonde people try to use dishwashers too. GAH!

Well...I doubt I'll ever do that again. It was absolutely hilarious, but then again, not funny at all. I see you laughing. STOP IT!

So, this was for you Chad. You made me update. Oh, and by the way, I hate your freakin guts.
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Stress stress stress
Date: Aug 9th, 2005 1:38:45 pm - Subscribe
Mood: lost

UGH! I think I'm moving onto that island earlier than I thought I would be. I'm basically fed up with the male population. Except for Adam, Will, and Andy. Oh yeah, and Chad too.

I don't know...I'm just giving up. I don't need this right now anyways, it's too much of a distraction. Dang I wish I would have listened to Jessica, she definitly knew what she was talking about. *Bangs head on table*

Sooo, tonight's the last girl's Bible Study before Jessica goes back to college. *Sigh* I'm gonna die without her here! She's the one person that kept me sane in Tehachapi. I need to talk to her tonight...really bad.

Umm, I don't usually do this...but whoever's reading this, I need prayer. I've got a heckofalot going on right now and it's about to make my brain explode. I'm losing it. Umm....*akward*

Well, this is the end. Wait, I've got one more thing to say...

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Date: Aug 6th, 2005 2:31:14 pm - Subscribe
Mood: mystified
Quote of the day: \"Katie, you\'re so raptastic.\" -Beth

Well, this morning my dad taught me how to wash my face. That's right, he's insane. "Make sure to move everthing out of the 'splash zone' and when your done, use a towel to wipe down anything near the sink. Go about 4 to 6 inches into the sink, also. I'm an insane control freak." You people think I'm overreacting? He got mad at me for not wearing socks.

Well, now that that's over...ADAM I MISS YOU! COME BACK FROM WHEREEVER YOU ARE!!!!! I've left about fifty bajillion messages on your voicemail because I'm insane (where do you think I get it from?) So once you turn your dang phone on, you can listen to all of them! Yay!

Soo...Tehachapi still sucks. I was at the lake with Tommy and Lauryn after the movie that they showed, and a cop pulled up in the parking lot and just kind of stared at us. (It was 7 minutes past curfew! *gasp*) So we thought about running and hiding (there's no way he would have found us unless he got a search team, which he probably would have) but we decided against it. I was quite angered, cuz that meant I had to go home and I realllllly didn't want to. But...I did.

Then I stayed up til 1 am cleaning my desk and putting pictures up on my door. Now it looks quite awesome. Yay!

Umm...END! Now, comment!
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Ugh, Tehachapi!
Date: Aug 4th, 2005 10:42:37 pm - Subscribe
Mood: bored

Wow, I must say it has been awhile, eh?! I would tell you all I've been too busy, but that's not true...at all...lol I've just been living at the Deharts house for the past week or however long it's been. Today's the first day I didn't go there in like 2 weeks. Wait, nevermind, I take it back. I went there today, lol! Lauryn was driving me around because her 6 months were finally up and she promised me she'd drive me places. So...we went to the Deharts and bugged Justin for awhile. That was plenty fun!

So ya, I hate Tehachapi. Bear Valley in particular. At least in T-town you can go to Denny's, but in BV you have a freakin CURFEW! What?! And not even a normal one either, you hafta be inside at 10! Well, you can drive and stuff, but you can't be out at the lake or walking or anything. How freakin lame is that?! GRR! So...yeah...it's lame times 50! I HATE IT! So all you people who live in normal towns, be happy. Be happy that you don't get pulled over by the big bad BV police because you "look suspicious." Rar.

I'm thinkin I'm gonna call someone and go...somewhere. I couldn't tell you where though, because it's after 8 and EVERYTHING'S CLOSED!
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Well well well
Date: Jul 27th, 2005 5:25:17 pm - Subscribe
Mood: relaxed, i suppose!
Quote of the day: \"Remember that one time, when you said that one thing? Oh the memories.\" -Amy Elizabeth Gividen

So here I am to blog, when I realized...I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BLOG ABOUT! So, I'll type whatever comes to mind. This could be interesting, my friend. Indeed it could.

Don't you absolutely hate it when you hang out with someone of the opposite sex for a little bit, and suddenly everyone thinks you like them?! It irkes me SOOOO much. I was just thinking back to summer camp when I was hanging out with Justin (who's 20, by the way. That makes this story even more...worth telling?). I was sitting on a log with him (but not just with him, with Lauryn and Mike and Jen). And I walked by Peter and he asked me why I was sitting on the log...so I, like any normal person, said "I like the log!" And he gave me this weird...Peter look..and said "I think you like someone on the log." UGH! He's only 6 years older than me, sicko! Plus, he's practically my older brother! EW x 6,000!!!! Ugh. So yeah...that just came to my mind, because that's been happening a lot with me and Justin lately cuz we hang out. ARRRGH! Doesn't anyone get it?! He's my brother, which equals EW.

Wow, two awesome music videos just came on in a row. That's rare! First it was All These Things I've Done by The Killers, and now it's The Best of You by Foo Fighters! YAAAY!

That totally made me happy. Let's see, what to talk about?

Gah, Chad, why did you have to go to camp?! I'm BOOOOORED!

Bah, it's so dang hot! Milk was a bad choice.
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