Date: Dec 11th, 2009 2:48:25 am - Subscribe
Mood: spirited

A whole week and a half before Christmas-gonna be a lot of rushing around and hoping the money holds out-Hopefully I won't have to pay 300 dollar cellphone bills anymore, lol. But anyhow, I'm glad you agree with me, that I'm making positive steps and more importantly the right ones towards what I want and my goals. I love you and at the risk of being redundant, you are everything to me. And it won't stop even after I've achieved my goals-I will continue to keep improving and growing as a person. With u at my side and my commitment to getting and staying better, I can't lose. I love you honey, so much-and I'm gonna make u very happy in our life together. x
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anonymous - December 12th, 2009
I think as long as you'll be good then everything will work out. Sucks I don't have my phone, but i'm glad you're busy with other stuff too. And I hope the fam Xmas party was good. I'm kinda rly busy myself so hopefully we'll talk soon. x

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