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Date: Sunday, Jul 6th - Subscribe

...it's been a while... seems that i do keep writing regularly only when i'm really depressed and i want everyone to feel sorry for me... well, hey! i am polish; i feel obliged to complain to everyone about everything! one of our national attributes that i find really hard to get rid of... but right now everything goes rather well, that's why blog entries are short and scarse.

i really love living in norway. recently keep spending hours and hours hiking in forests surrounding oslo. i even got myself some maps... and learn to use my new camera... hope to post some photos soon. being on my own helps me to put my life in good perspective. just having those solitude hours to rethink all the stuff that's happening around me, have a time to slow down... especially easy in the summer, when sun almost never sets... and one doesn't have to rush home before it gets dark.

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