Date: Apr 8th, 2005 5:03:21 pm - Subscribe
Mood: speechless

I'm still in total shocked right now even though it happened this afternoon. I can't believe it. Is it true? He's playing with me right? I can go to his apartment now and still find him there?

He's gone. He left with his mom to Korea. Two days before my birthday, he's doing this to me. Three days before an exam which I haven't even studied for! I can't study now cause I'm crying rivers. What a jerk! He's leaving me here to deal with his baby alone! Why don't I just have it just to piss him off when he comes back. ARGH. I don't even know what the hell I'm thinking. I just can't believe he thought I've changed. He knows I still love him. He wants us to have his so called time off. Does he expect me to wait for him? I don't even know when the hell he's coming back. What kind of break does he need? What is he stressing over? NINA? She got her abortion. What's there to worry now? I can't believe he really thinks I'm lying about being pregnant when I told him that I am. How dumb can he be? It's so obvious now! I look like I'm two months pregnant! What if they're twins! OMG. I'm going crazy. I'm going to faint any minute.

Shit! argh.. I miss him already.. what am I going to do?? This always happens before exams!! I wanna hit someone right now! Someone kill me!
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