Date: Aug 3rd, 2007 10:34:19 am - Subscribe
Mood: flippant

I am sorry.
Writing was not made for a long time.

Now, time cannot be enough taken to a decipherment.
In addition to it, it is afflicted by headache by the attack of the vicious soul.
I think that the vicious sense is sent to me so that thinking may not be centralized.

Since it is writing in the intervals of an enemy's attack, although sufficient explanation may not be able to be performed, I think that I will continue a decipherment as much as possible.
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Date: Jun 30th, 2007 8:05:14 pm - Subscribe
Mood: aroused

I am going to take the last action now.
With regards to it, my speech and conduct may be told somewhat.
So, probably, there are those who have distrust to me.

The truth is like this.
The enemy is moving.
The purpose is erasing the vicious soul in the person.
Wickedness is increased in the man.
In the present situation, the persons whom wickedness is increasing are "Kimura's wife", "my husband", and "my daughter."
"Satan (Kimura)" is decaying the wickedness by your cooperation.
He has a duty serious from now on.
It is that only he can do.
It is pounding the vicious woman who made him"Satan."

It does not understand yet what becomes.
However, I know that only he is in the ability to beat the vicious woman.
"Satan" who was the biggest enemy for me is also the biggest weak point for the vicious woman.

The worst origin in the world has ambition of wanting to take the place of the origin "Eve" of the earth.
"Satan (Kimura)" is used for her for the ambition.
That is not noticed while the vicious soul is fulfilled in him.
However, it may be able to be noticed if it is now.

If he is able to notice it, that will be because you attacked him.
Can you understand?
It is for example, like the parents who scold the child who made the mistake.

He committed the crime which is not allowed.
He has to take action to compensate for the crime.
I want him to have a strong repentance and to destroy a vicious woman.

And I am wishing that you understand this.

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Date: Jun 19th, 2007 12:44:23 pm - Subscribe
Mood: brave

Now, I am supervised by the husband and cannot write.
What also has the important file of a personal computer was all erased.
Moreover, it is because the inside of a personal computer may be seen when I am absent.

Probably "Satan" regards me as ordering a husband and supervising.
Therefore, I could not access my blog for a while.

Now, it is midnight 2:00.
This is also written secretly.

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wasted effort
Date: Jun 18th, 2007 5:28:09 pm - Subscribe
Mood: neutral

It seems that it is working now although blog of the record about a husband's injustice has been stopped temporarily.
Although it is based on the command by the side of "Satan", I think that it is useless.
Because, since it moves to other places, the more it erases, the more a space only spreads.

"wasted effort" shows such things.
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Date: Jun 12th, 2007 2:58:59 pm - Subscribe
Mood: tense

He confessed at last.
It seems that some women and he had associated too.

I am divorced.
He has also agreed.

He came back at 1:30 this morning, and it talked with me till 4:00.
Since I also have work today, I rest for a while.

I think that it will speak about a detailed thing after today's work.

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Present condition
Date: Jun 8th, 2007 1:13:44 pm - Subscribe
Mood: twisted

Now, information is collected from blog of the Internet.
In the matter of my husband, it has been disclosed in the world that he was performing the dishonest act.
That is because other men have witnessed the moment he and its sweetheart went into the hotel.
It seems that his act was open since the helicopter was standing by also high up in the sky.

He ignored my warning.
It was warned that it became the world having leaked out as for the action since the inside in Japan is in unusual surveillance organization.
However, he denied my words completely and showed the distrust to me.

It seems that he has gone to meet a sweetheart now.
Probably, future is discussed.

It is having seen and got to know blog of Japan.
From the contents currently written, I can know what has happened now.
And I understood that "Satan" made it him.

It is very dangerous to fall in love in Japan where now became dirty.
That is because there is a trap of evil.
The evil spirit is aiming at the crevice between man's hearts.
By the temptation which fills a portion with the insufficient heart, an evil spirit guides man.
For example, there is a scene, Ursula got the two of them together with strange work, and by "The Little Mermaid" of Disney.

The person without a just soul fits into this trap of evil.
Persons with the tendency of the same soul do love.

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You should refuse writing for another.
Date: Jun 7th, 2007 11:30:54 am - Subscribe
Mood: insulted

The problem is a household economy and the character of my husband.
The talk of divorce also five years ago surfaced.
However, since the husband hinted suicide then, it has not performed.
That is, he did not want to be divorced from me then.
But, he is wanting to be divorced now.

It seems that there is a reason in it.
He had the trace of having married me for the property guide.
Surely he has run through my property until now.
Divorce with me is now considered because property is lost to me and his mother's savings are used as the guide.

Now, his mother has a partial paralysis and needs care.
Instead of caring for, he is going to make her savings his thing.
Actually, the passbook and cash which were kept for his mother are contained in his bag.
It is quite a large sum.
He is enjoying secret date with a sweetheart using the money.
It seems that he has also met her today.

It is the influence of children which I fear.
All environment will change by a husband being divorced from me.
Fatherless families are mentally easy if even the life base is secured firmly.
However, the acquisition is difficult in the country in which I live.

Moreover, I am in this special system.
"Satan" will not release me who am in the cage only for me.
People of this country will stop that I move.
I do not have meanings, such as a "lawyer."
It is because there are not those who undertake my advocacy in this country at all.

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My husband
Date: Jun 6th, 2007 1:29:59 pm - Subscribe
Mood: disillusioned

The thing as imagined has happened.
My husband seems to be a spy.
From marriage that time, his strange speech and conduct were worrisome.
I considered divorce repeatedly.
I was told when he was governed by Peter also in the decipherment.
But it thought that it could save and spiritual purification was tried repeatedly.
However, the pure soul cannot stop for a long time into him.

And he said divorce the day before yesterday.
It seems that there is a sweetheart in fact although it was that his mother's condition is [ the reason ] bad.

I persuaded that it reconsidered to him.
Although it still will not matter if he has a sweetheart, if divorced now, I and children cannot live.
I think that "Sayaka Ohara" probably dispatched the woman who tempts my husband in the command of "Satan."
"Sayaka" was carrying out trade which makes a couple separate.

Since the trace was in his cellular phone, I was sure.
But it cannot carry out what now, either.

Owing to this, I may not be able to do a decipherment.
Please wait for a while until I maintain mental quiet.

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A merciless Japanese
Date: Jun 2nd, 2007 9:51:40 am - Subscribe
Mood: superior

It understands somehow.
Japanese people are about what is considered.
The information given to them is a thing from "Satan", and is heard like this.

"Abuse Mary.
As she must not notice, put pressure, and confine her power.
It is all her cause that it has happened to us that now is bad. "

It is surprising.
My power is used in order to decode now, or in order to protect families and angels.
The bad thing has happened to Japanese people because there is a law of karma.
If it is liquidated, a bad thing will not happen.
That man says that it is all my responsibility.
Moreover, it is believed and Japanese people are going to oppress us the families.

Only treatment with us cruel to Japanese people is carried out from yesterday.
By the attack from an airplane, as for me, feeling is bad.
A daughter is told to pay the money lost at the time of register check, and is troubled by a byte's store.
If it was lost when it checked, the salesclerk who was before check must have taken.
I cannot understand why a daughter has to pay such a lot of money.
I think that this is also that man's instructions.

This claim paid intentionally several months is concentrating.
Why does it make such a thing me who have fought for Japan?
We have lived without making trouble for nobody.
But, at that man's word, all Japanese are under his thumb, and are abusing us.
Japan is a cruel country.
My children are pitiful even if I can bear.

There is also no real friend, money is also taken and supervised, and we the families are exposed to danger.
Now, the thing supporting my heart is only existence of angels. cry.gif

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the pressure of the wave motion
Date: Jun 1st, 2007 11:00:45 pm - Subscribe
Mood: ethereal

Now, an airplane flies high up in the sky frequently.
Each time, the pressure of the wave motion which does not look some attacks.
It is clear that it is discharged from the airplane.
It is clear from this situation that the army of this country is participating in this.

My information was hidden abroad because Japan itself made me the victim and it had secured money-making and the position in which it was treated favorably.
Although Japan describes the "kidnap problem" of North Korea loud, just they have kidnaped me.
Although the victim of a "kidnap problem" complains of problem solution to the world, they get money and are doing it.
It is for emphasizing that Japan is a victim.

Please do not respond to the cheat.
Though they say what, because this country has entrapped me ...

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