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aquarius 9th May 2011 - Subscribe
Today, I visited Christ Chen clinic again after 2 weeks since i last saw him.

Today, he did a scan on me again and notice that my ovaries are very slow. He says he need to take a blood tests for my hormones. Sad thing is he says that although i am 33, my body behave like very old.

Think i better start changing my diet and lifestyle

Tomorrow, i will need to visit Christ Chen again to see my blood tests results.

Mood: perplexed

aquarius 10th May 2011 May 11th, 2011 2:44:36 am - Subscribe
Today, I visited Christ Chen again to see my blood test results.

The results turn out does not seems good. I seems to have very high prolactin.

when i asked what causes it, CC dont seems to be able to give me a good reason. Sigh ! But he just comment that it is hormonal imbalance.

However to my surprise, CC actually told me that i am able to start my IVF. So immediately i was told by the nurse that i will be taking my first jab.

The jab was bearable, since it was done by the nurse. Wonder what will happen when i am doing them on my owe.

I just pray hard that God will bless me in my this journey.

Mood: vulnerable