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As some of you know, I started working at the local Post Office on February. I deliver mail at 1/4 of the city, and I’m loving my job. I was really glad to get my first salary and, since my parents, my brother and I don’t usually go to the Theather or to the Cinema, I decided to bye tickets to watch a play. Two very known Portuguese actresses were coming and I was curious to watch them on stage live!
Though the story was sorta heavy and dramatic, I liked it and enjoyed to notice the difference between professionals and amateurs playing on stage. The two actresses were Sofia Alves and Manuela Maria. I always admired Sofia Alves since I was a kid. She always captured my attention and she’s a very talented actress.
When I went to the Theater I thought I wanted to ask Sofia to sign on my ticket, but never thought I’d really do it. I was too shy to do it. After all, she’s popular, and maybe she wouldn’t care. But I was also curious to meet the person behing the scenes, behind the character.
The play was very well performed. I was able to experience the story along with the characters. Sofia, who was Jessy on the play, even "cried". How can someone do that live if she is pretending? Maybe she wasn’t pretending; maybe she was being the character.
When we went outside after the play was finished, we went to talk to Pastor and Adri. I told them I was going to ask Sofia Alves to sign my ticket, but at the same time I couldn’t believe what I was saying, because I didn’t know if I’d be courageous enough to do it. But I did it! And I had the chance to ask both Sofia and Manuela to sign my ticket. I was really happy to know that the real Sofia is a really nice person, unless she was also pretenting haha!
For both actresses, I was one more fan asking for an autograph. For me it was probably one event I’ll never forget and that it may not happen again!

Before the play started, I had told Miguel I hoped not to be disappointed after the play, because I could have been eluded by the soap operas and the movies. Many times when we meet artists we get disappointed because, after all, they weren’t that good. But Sofia Alves and Manuela Maria were really good and I didn’t get disappointed.

Just a note: I am not crazy about meeting famous people hehe! I was just curious about an actress I do admire. I really wanted to know who Sofia Alves was behind the cameras! hehe

Well, tomorrow I have one more day of work! The good news is: there isn’t a lot of mail to deliver tomorrow. The bad news is: it may rain tomorrow haha!

God bless you all!