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ariel Sunday - Subscribe
well, this is my first entry! don't really know what to say, though lol
today we had church service with Holy Communion. it was really cool! i enjoyed spending the day with Elizabeth and Pastor Jonas! and i'm excited about the church, since we're having our own Pastor for the first time! Elizabeth has been doing lots for us!!!!
by the way, i'm from a Lutheran church of the Missouri - Synod, and we're a minority here in Portugal. but God has blessed us a lot through many people who have helped us, especially Elizabeth!

well, i'll keep updating!
God Bless
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ariel she's gonna be missed Jan 22nd, 2007 3:38:19 pm - Subscribe
today Pastor Jonas and Elizabeth left he island! Pastor Jonas went back to the mainland, while Elizabeth is on the way to Turkey. my phone is kinda quiet now, since Elizabeth won't text message me for a while! i'm gonna miss her lots!!!!

i'm so proud of Elizabeth because she spoke to Pastor Jonas in Portuguese. i'm glad she keeps putting in practice what she has learned till now! she's a good student!

my classmates and i went visiting the city's library! it was fun! at least now we know where and how to search stuff for our projects in class!

school is going good!

gotta go

God Bless

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ariel this is for Elizabeth Jan 23rd, 2007 12:02:20 pm - Subscribe
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ariel Chapel Jan 24th, 2007 2:53:07 pm - Subscribe
howdy! if you don't know, with Elizabeth's help we got enough money to finish my church's Chapel plus, after 11 years waiting, we are getting our first pastor. he'll stay for as long as God wills. the roofers started putting the tiles last monday, and now almost half of the roof is ready! the whole church is excited about this. we're even starting to think about the arrangements inside! can't wait till it's ready! this church has been very very blessed, i can tell. sometimes i wonder how God had planned Elizabeth to study to be a speech therapist, then He makes her accept a job in this small island where she becomes a HUGE blessing for all of us! God's ways are AMAZING!

well, i need to go back to my work! i have History test tomorrow :S

God be with y'all
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ariel funny Jan 24th, 2007 4:17:24 pm - Subscribe
It was midnight, almost 10pm, when a deaf heard a mute saying that a blind man saw an injured guy running after a car pulled over. And nearby, 200 miles away, in a cold day (around 30 Celsius degrees) when the sun was shinning to a dark moon, an elderly woman of 15 years old, seated on a chair of stone made of wood, said quiet that she would rather die than loose her lifeā€¦ lolololololol
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