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If a people are made to be loved and things are made to be used, then why do we love things and use people?

ariel FRIENDSHIP Mar 7th, 2007 11:11:56 am - Subscribe
"Friendship is the wing God gave to the soul so that it could ascend to the Infinite." Life is the art of meeting, of sharing. It is giving and receiving. And our friends are our greatest wealth, our true treasure, the common conquest of those who are happy with the truth and in everything believe, everything wait and everything support!



ariel Questions Mar 7th, 2007 5:50:16 pm - Subscribe
the most beautiful day? - when you're baptized
the most easy thing? - to err
the greatest obstacle? - pride
the greatest err? - to turn your back to God
the root of every evil? - money
the most beautiful distraction? - love
the worst defeat? - to give up
the best teacher? God
the greatest mystery? - death
the most dangerous person? - the false one
the most beautiful present? love and friendship
the shortest way? the wrong one
the most beautiful thing of all? to love and to be loved

ariel an inconvinient truth Mar 17th, 2007 7:21:19 pm - Subscribe

Mood: dry

ariel Rachel's visit Mar 25th, 2007 5:37:07 pm - Subscribe
Hello folks! It looks like i haven’t been posting a thing for a long time! Well, as you may know, I’ve been really busy! I had to study hard for an economics test… and I think it went good! And today I had to type 10 pages for tomorrow! Crazy, I know!
But the best thing that happened this week was my friend Rachel’s visit here to the island. She’s Elizabeth’s middle sister and a GREAT person!
We went to hike and showed her the “Fairy Tale Land” and the Pico da Lagoinha. I think she loved those places. I think it was the 4th time I went there, but for the first time I didn’t have to slide!!!! Lol yeah, friends help friends, right Ra? Yo!
When you meet a new person (know that I had only talked to Rachel on the phone or through email and Skype), there are always characteristics you notice on that person. And what I noticed on Rachel was the way she likes little details and the way she cares for the meaning of those little things may have, for example, mere rocks or pieces of roof tiles! It’s good to know my bro and I ain’t the only ones in this world doing that. We care for the little things that we see and feel. While my bro is able to collect rocks and pieces of ancient plates, I keep things in my heart. Every smile, every step, every touch, every blink of an eye, every move has a meaning to me.
I wish the world would be able to know and recognize the meaning of the little good things that happen. The world is not just bad things. There’s joy and wisdom on every breath, touch, hug, blink, step, etc…
Anyway, Rachel is now gone. She’s back home in the US, and Elizabeth went to Turkey, again! Ugh! I know she’ll be fine, and that’s my prayer! Can’t wait to see her next week!
Well, gotta go. It’s kinda late here!