Date: Jan 24th, 2007 2:53:07 pm - Subscribe
Mood: smiley

howdy! if you don't know, with Elizabeth's help we got enough money to finish my church's Chapel plus, after 11 years waiting, we are getting our first pastor. he'll stay for as long as God wills. the roofers started putting the tiles last monday, and now almost half of the roof is ready! the whole church is excited about this. we're even starting to think about the arrangements inside! can't wait till it's ready! this church has been very very blessed, i can tell. sometimes i wonder how God had planned Elizabeth to study to be a speech therapist, then He makes her accept a job in this small island where she becomes a HUGE blessing for all of us! God's ways are AMAZING!

well, i need to go back to my work! i have History test tomorrow :S

God be with y'all
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