Good-bye, dear Friend!
Date: Jul 12th, 2007 6:27:13 pm - Subscribe
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i was enjoying my life and, in the meantime, i start thinking about FRIENDSHIP!!!! there's a song i wrote in which i say "And just the way you are, I'll know/ and just the way you are, I am, / Because my heart is with you." so, in other words, when a friend leaves, most of the times we cannot go with them, you may think! but I say that we can always go with them! "I'll go wherever you go, as long as you carry me in your heart!" but now you say: "so, if one does not carry you anymore, does that mean you're not with them anymore?" well, first, on the one hand it's up to you to keep 'walking' with them! but to still have connection, you need, at least, two hearts! if one forgets but you still remember your 'covenant' between you and your friend, you're alone and you lose track of the other, even if you're still their friend! it doesn't mean you'll give up on them! what you'll have to do is to forgive, forget, and try to re-connect!
you know, nowadays, it's more and more difficult to have real friends because some leave, others get too busy, others for some reason i may not know! but of course, there are still cases where a friendship gets even closer and closer! but we're ''walking in the direction of a more individualist world! many times, competition destroys relationships! so, the challenge is to find time in our minds and connect through our hearts! i say this because most of my best friends moved to other countries and i always stayed in my place. many times i felt alone! i know it's hard to leave, but i believe it's even harder to stay because memories also stay in those places. every time you go back to the places you spent most of the time with your friends, they will remind you of those past times!
but then, there are two factors: time and distance! these two may, sometimes, make relationships closer. but other times, they just kill them! and the worst thing that can happen is that if you're the one that can change someone's life, and you know it, and you lose connection with that person, it's so hard to re-connect!
so, again, the challenge is to think that, if you have no physical means to act, use your heart ... and God can help happy.gif
plus, if you look at someone and see them as a person, you'll never see them as an enemy, but as someone like you! whenever you look at them, you are looking at yourself, because both are in the same condition. so, as long as you keep this in your mind, it'll be much easier to keep a relationship!

well, if anyone reads this to the end, hope you understand! if you have any comments, just post your thoughts!

"Friendship is the most valuable gift you can get, and there's none alike to any other. Every friendship is different and it has its qualities and its defects. But to accept each one, is to have a room for each in your heart."
"My heart has many rooms. One of them belongs to you! It doesn't matter how much space it has because you'll have to conquer it!"
"Let us have two hearts that can reach each other no matter where you go!"

~ "I'll go wherever you go, as long as you carry me in your heart!"
"Most importantly, never say good-bye. Say 'See you later, friend!'"
have a blessed day!
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wc2345dw - March 31st, 2008
Great thoughts. Friendship forever.


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