Inauguration and Installation Day
Date: Jun 12th, 2007 5:43:50 pm - Subscribe

Hello folks! as you may know, last Sunday was the day of the Inauguration of the Chapel and of the Installation of the Pastor! we had lots of work to do during the weekend so that everything would be prepared for Sunday at 5pm. well, everything went very well. we are only 8 at church, but on Sunday we had around 70 visitors. our new chapel was full, which was AWESOME! we did have a beautiful time there!
i can hardly believe. we were really blessed! it's hard to explian... you would have to see this and experience what we've experienced!
to know more and for a full explanation and photos, check

sorry, guys, but i have lots to study, because i have three final exams next week!
God bless y'all
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