Summer Camp 1
Date: Jul 9th, 2007 4:08:18 pm - Subscribe
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Hello folks! Again, it's been a while since i last posted a blog here, but i've been really busy... as always lol
first, i had to study for 2 exams. they went not that well. i got the results last friday and my grades weren't that high as i wanted! then, i went to camp!!! it was really cool! i met new friends like Dakota, Danica, Elyse and Zach. unfortenately, Elyse left last sunday and Danica feels devastated. they were like best friends! somehow, i know what's like to stay while friends leave. i've been through that several times and it sucks! probably, in a year, the contrary will happen: my friends will stay and i will go. what a paradox! sometimes i wonder if this is life as it should be. the good news is that i can still have hope in God and He has plans for everyone. He'll never leave anyone alone!
but anyway, during camp, i had the chance to celebrate the 4th of July for the first time. it was really neat. in this way, i had the chance to know a little more about American culture. but i also had to opportunity to meet other people like Jamie, Zach's sister, and another girl that, unfortenately, i don't remember her name! i loved the fireworks. for the first time i could see the fireworks so close!!! amazing!
at camp, Nuno taught us the lessons and we learned about intimacy with God, how to face the problems without giving up, because God is always with us. we also had devotionals in the morning that we had to do in silence and in private. we had a good time of reflection!
now i'm back home! saturday i went to Elizabeth's birthday party and it was fun! yesterday, we went to see the place for our next camp, and it's going to be fun. it's really beautiful!
well, now i need to study... AGAIN! yeah, next monday i have one other exam, of History, and a tough one!
y'all are in my payers! may God bless you in everything you do and everywhere you go!

your friend
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