Date: Jul 27th, 2011 3:15:39 pm - Subscribe
Mood: confuzzled
- life is - : amusing

if you're reading this.

depressing shizz, sorry.
dont make me say "i told you so" ;P
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once more...brandon's. =]
Date: Jun 2nd, 2010 8:22:54 pm - Subscribe
Mood: delirious
- life is - : quick

Dull roar of cannons.
Poison gas is everywhere.
It’s all a fury
Of insanity let loose.
Is no one in their right mind?

Take in a deep breath
Of this fresh evening air.
July crickets chirp
Within the hidden background.
Walk outside – serenity.

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brandon's poem...again. :P
Date: Jun 2nd, 2010 7:58:45 pm - Subscribe
Mood: mushy
- life is - : hilariouss

It’s forty-five minutes after nine.
And standing on your front porch tonight,
With fireflies flitting in a circle round,
I look down upon your (beautiful/pretty/lovely/SOMETHING MUSHY) face.
My heart, it pounds away
With such an astonishing speed ~

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(now) brandon's poem. =]
Date: Jun 2nd, 2010 7:25:18 pm - Subscribe
Mood: un-bored. (thank you brandonnn!!)
- life is - : quite amusing.

It’s Saturday night.
walking down the street
to amc 14
i'm gonna watch
"shrek forever after"
in 3d
with my homies.

On a Saturday night,
I’m by the jungle
with its screaming kids,
games of “marco polo”,
and noises of the arcade
on floor two.

Further down the street,
there’s pizza my heart.
The oven’s going,
And my nose detects pepperoni.

Within minutes,
I’m savoring the hot cheese
that refuses to detach itself
from my mouth.

I pass that Verizon wireless store,
so quiet With no one in it.
Just barely peeking in the door,
I already feel melancholy.

My friends are all already there,
Chattering away.

And I wait in the line
To buy a ticket as
The crisp night air surrounds me
This Saturday night.

A star – the only one in sight.
Quickly, I close my eyes
And make a wish.

Fifteen minutes into the movie,
With my 3d glasses on,
I’m already dodging
the dew of shrek’s sneeze.
It may just be my imagination,
But I can almost swear
I got hit by something.

Someone’s throwing popcorn at me.
It hits my arm;
One got me in the eye.
I hurl some back
In the direction
it came from.

And I can’t help but love
This Saturday night.
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held hostage
Date: May 27th, 2010 7:06:04 pm - Subscribe
Mood: lifeless
- life is - : boring. and this poem was impromptu and unorganized. oh wellll XD

escaping boredom,
running like a madman,
yet succumbing to it.

it takes me hostage,
puts me in a dark room,
with no method of escape.

so i sit here,
in my room,
dark as the night sky,
in front of my laptop,
watching the clock tick by.

the seconds crawl past,
prolonging my loneliness.
those numbers
in the bottom-right corner
are taunting me.

i stare them down.

they suck the life out of me,
the spirit,
the hope,
the desire to live.

i suppose
i should stop

holds me hostage,
not letting me go.

the cold floor,
the cold wall
pressing against my back,
the cold air.

my cold heart.

and in this blackness,
in the coldness,
i am held hostage.

the madman,
am a hostage.

please let me go.
i'm dying,
from the inside out.

my heart
is held

it's beginning to die.
the beats are growing feeble.
let me free.
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sonnets. pure gay-ness. :P
Date: May 27th, 2010 6:22:47 pm - Subscribe
Mood: moodless
- life is - : full of honey nut cheerios :)

In Potts’ class today,
We’re having a huge, massive Macbeth exam.
That’s why I spent most of last night, this morning, and all of break…doing “The Cram”.
Now my brain feels like it just might decay.
I really hope I do okay.
At least it’s not chem, where we must calculate in the gram.
Oh, how I wish I had the brains of Sam.
Then maybe, to this exam my grades will not fall prey.
“What is a possible theme?” – question number twenty-three,
I kinda understand, sort of.
The choices: “a. Macbeth”, “b. the murderers, those three”,
And “c. Unrequited love”.
But wait! Here’s another one! Can the answer possibly be
“d. none of the above”?

I finally arrive home, sweaty and late for dinner.
Jumping on me, my dog seems to ask, “Where have you been?”
I tell him, “Sorry, boy. I was running laps around the block, trying to get thinner.”
That said, I give him a little scratch under the chin.
And it might just be my imagination, but I can almost swear I see him grin.
But now, it’s a quarter to nine.
To make some food, I should probably begin.
So, for a nice, cold smoothie, some random stuff from the fridge, I combine.
There are frozen bananas in the freezer. Oooh! And here’s a bunch of grapes off our grapevine!
My dog stares at me, puzzled, thinking I’ve positively gone crazy.
Not knowing what to do, he starts a high-pitched whine.
“Oh, Landon. You know me – I’m just plain old lazy.”
Into the blender, these things I pour.
Yea, this is Jamba Juice, homemade and hardcore.

This Shakespearian sonnet
Is my very last poem.
After this is done, then I’ll be all set.
Since nothing seems to rhyme with “poem”,
i’ll just randomly announce that my “daddy” is Teyssier, Noam.
Once I finish this thing,
I’ll start my last poetry explication.
And once that’s done too, some relief to myself I’ll bring.
As soon as that one’s finished as well, I shall hold for myself a little celebration.
Although I will still have “Section C. Advertisement Analysis” to start,
I’ll have the greater majority of this poetry project done.
When this whole project is over with, I’ll head on over to the piano and play some Mozart.
Or, perhaps, I’ll take my dog out for a run.
But now that this last sonnet is drawing to a close…
I’m so grief-stricken, I must go blow my nose.

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Date: May 27th, 2010 5:33:29 pm - Subscribe
Mood: cheesy

I ask you why
It ended like this,
But you don’t know why.

I know it’s a lie;
I know there’s something amiss.
I ask you why.

You said “goodbye,”
You said I’m someone you’d miss,
But you don’t know why.

There are no more tears for me to cry.
Of the old times, I reminisce.
I ask you why.

I look you eye-to-eye,
And ask you why no more we kiss,
But you don’t know why

I wait for your reply.
Why did we end like this?
I ask you why,
But you don’t know why.

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Date: May 27th, 2010 5:31:44 pm - Subscribe
Mood: desolate
- life is - : lonely

Sitting here
In this “quiet” study hall,
I really need to go
To the bathroom.
In this “quiet” study hall,
The silence is too loud to bear.
I go to the bathroom
So I’ll feel better.
The silence is too loud to bear,
And I try to find a way out.
So I’ll feel better,
I go to the bathroom.

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Date: May 27th, 2010 5:30:57 pm - Subscribe
Mood: jinxed
- life is - : amusing

Don’t let the walls cave in on you.
Everything’s gonna be alright if you
Take that chance, bend the rules, even for once.
Push yourself to the limit.
Let nobody stop you, just
Close your eyes, let go, and
Learn how to fly.
If this is what life is, then
It comes at much too high a cost.
It comes at much too high a cost.
If this is what life is, then
Learn how to fly.
Close your eyes, let go, and
Let nobody stop you, just
Push yourself to the limit.
Take that chance, bend the rules, even for once.
Everything’s gonna be alright if you
Don’t let the walls cave in on you.

You’re everything I’ve ever wanted to be.
I live in guilt-ridden jealousy, since
You’ve become a hero to me.
You, the naturally smart, get better grades than I, the Asian.
You, the born athlete, are unequivocally the best at what you do.
You, the quick-witted, always have something to say.
You, the kind and generous, give, but rarely take.
I know I don’t fit your perfect standards.
I’m sorry.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
I’m sorry.
I know I don’t fit your perfect standards.
You, the kind and generous, give, but rarely take.
You, the quick-witted, always have something to say.
You, the born athlete, are unequivocally the best at what you do.
You, the naturally smart, get better grades than I, the Asian.
You’ve become a hero to me.
I live in guilt-ridden jealousy, since
You’re everything I’ve ever wanted to be.

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Date: May 27th, 2010 5:29:50 pm - Subscribe
Mood: clever
- life is - : blank

Frisbee in P.E…
Blood gushing from my head…
Ambulance sirens…
Screeching tires…
Twenty-six stitches, and seven broken ribs…
My parents say we’re broke…
Punctured lung, I can’t breathe…
I lie there…
In a tunnel, walk to the light…
Rejected. Feel the burn…

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didactic. :)
Date: May 27th, 2010 5:28:52 pm - Subscribe
Mood: unsatisfied
- life is - : hell

Walk to my locker,
Between Marcus and Jess,
Below nobody.
Twirl the lock clockwise;
To the first number you go.
Pass the first,
Now to the second.
Clockwise again,
Last one, the third.
Yank on the lock. Opened?
If not then try again. And again.
If no amount of yanking
Or punching works,
Go get The Sam. He’s invincible.
He’ll get that locker open,
Guaranteed. Sam is invincible.
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Date: May 27th, 2010 1:46:20 am - Subscribe
Mood: defeated
- life is - : hectic

I am very bored,
Bored and going quite insane.
Need something to do.

Running in the rain
Dressed in a T-shirt and jeans.
Feed me heaven’s tears.

It’s one-percent milk
With Honey Nut Cheerios.
My breakfast today.

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extended metaphor
Date: May 26th, 2010 6:17:15 pm - Subscribe
Mood: fragile
- life is - : meh

I am a colored pencil.
You may use me all you want,
But I will only mark your paper – your life.
On the surface, I am a colored stick,
With the words of a brand.
Strip the paint off,
And I become a product of Mother Nature.
And yet, beneath the wooden casing,
I am pure.
Although I am only one,
I bring color to your world.
Yet, when I’m worn down to a stub,
You throw me in the trash
And I’m replaced with someone new.
You don’t even give me a chance to say
It doesn’t seem fair to me,
But it’s perfectly normal to you –
Because, to you, all I am,
And all I will ever be,
Is a single
Colored pencil,
Now forever gone
From your memory.

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hi brandon!
Date: May 26th, 2010 1:33:54 am - Subscribe
Mood: caffeinated
- life is - : crappy

i dunno, i'm bored. :)
hi again.
i haveee a headache.

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sitting here
Date: May 4th, 2010 8:38:43 pm - Subscribe
Mood: ugh
- life is - : painful

sitting here
staring at the wall
the page
the people
i can’t help but wonder

sitting here
listening to the silence
the noise
the laughter
i can’t help but wonder

sitting here
tasting the hostility
the fear
the pity
i can’t help but wonder

sitting here
feeling the avoidance
the hate
the pain
i can’t help but wonder

sitting here
i wonder
what you’re doing now
what you’re thinking
and i can’t help but wonder

sitting here
i wonder
where you are
how you’re doing
and i can’t help but wonder
sitting here
i wonder
if you’re happy
if you’re guilt-free
and i can’t help but wonder
sitting here
i wonder
if you know what you’ve done to me
to us
to the world as i see it
and i can’t help but wonder

sitting here
i can’t help but wonder
if you ever think of me.

because sitting here
i can’t help but think
of you.
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Date: Apr 21st, 2010 8:31:12 pm - Subscribe
Mood: shaken
- life is - : hopefully soon to be nonexistent.

so damn numb.
this hurts
so damn much.

i wish
i wasn't alive.


i'm sorry.
forgive me.

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be free
Date: Mar 9th, 2010 12:02:04 am - Subscribe
Mood: stumped
- life is - : emo

i am
i am
i am

you say
you say
not to
take it
to heart.
you say

read too much
into things.
can't stop
have become
an insomniac.

you think
i don't care.
you think
i'm fine.
you think
i'm not hurt.

i do.
i'm not.
i am.

i'm sorry.
i'm letting
you go.
be free.
without me.
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Date: Jan 10th, 2010 10:08:21 am - Subscribe
Mood: acceptance

why is it
that now
i miss you?

how is it
that now
i can't think?

when was it
that this first

i am
lost in the
of confusion;
pained in the
and yet
to cry.

why is it
that now
i understand?

can it be
that the past is
no more?

is it too late
to say "sorry"?

if this is
where it was going
all along,
then i suppose
i shouldn't be

but i am.

and i wish;
i wish,
wish that
my memories
are no more.

it hurts
to remember,
and i can't
stop thinking.

so i guess
it's over

i am sorry.

i thank you.

i thank you
for the past,
for the joys
of the life
long gone.

i thank you
that i once was.

even if this means
a final "goodbye,"
i can accept.

and i just hope.
i hope,
hope with all i have,
that you
will be happy.

just that,
then i will,
at last,
be at peace.

and i am
no more.
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yesterday's sorrow
Date: Jul 11th, 2009 10:15:49 am - Subscribe
Mood: cursed

yesterday's sorrow,
a burdening load,
carried upon my shoulders,
made for me to hold.

i shift its weight,
getting heavier every minute,
afraid to drop it,
yet unable to move on.

i have no energy left,
no place to go,
no bed to rest,
no hope to grasp
nobody to care.

if that is the case,
then i might as well go
away from this place,
away from this world

and bear with things,
'til there is no more,
no more time,
no more space,
no more life.

then i will be done
with the cruelty of this life,
with the indecision to move,
with the hate in all,
and with yesterday's sorrow.
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Date: Jul 11th, 2009 10:09:18 am - Subscribe
Mood: awkward

my life,
my freedom,
my happiness,
were taken.

now all that i have left
is that ache
deep within me.

if this is what
my life is to be,
then take it all away.

the amount
of time i spend,
staring off into space,
wishing it would all end.

everything is scarred into my memory.

and never to
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Date: Feb 5th, 2009 9:58:38 am - Subscribe
Mood: alienated

i see no open door,
no hidden place.
there's nowhere to reun,
no place to rest.

i am caged,
with a fury of monsters.

i want to give in,
but keep running.
i don't know where to go,
where to find safety.

the world is caving in,
breaking everything in its path,
showing no mercy.

i am being destroyed,
taken apart,
piece by piece.

my life is dying,
and taking me with it.
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Date: Jan 26th, 2009 7:49:57 pm - Subscribe
Mood: foggy

there is a line
dividing me
from the rest
of the world.

i take a step,
walk toward
the boundary,
risk my life.

i want to cross it,
but find that i cant,
try to move,
but realize that i'm frozen.

at everyone's smiles,
i could do that too.

i am sore,
from promises
past broken,
wishes unachieved.

a voice
in my head,
says this is
my fate.

i say
it's an
unwilling choice.
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Date: Jan 20th, 2009 7:33:14 pm - Subscribe
Mood: withdrawn

the world around me
is silent,
but inside,
im screaming

rising waves
of panic,
getting closer
to the top.

almost to the point
of drowning,
struggling to
take a breath.

vile, acid air
fills my lungs.
pain overshoots
the panic.

rippling tides
of blood,
streaming from
my heart.

i feel my strength
unable to move
or think.

so i close my eyes,
lean back,
and let myself
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broken pieces
Date: Jan 20th, 2009 6:21:35 pm - Subscribe
Mood: hesitant

i take the bait,
i'm reeled in,
caught by the hook.

what had seemed so promising,
has now become my fate.
i'm trapped.

broken promises,
only words,
shattered hopes.

having been the future,
it is now the past;
lost in a web of memories.

i try to untangle this mess,
pick apart the fragments,
to no avail.

you say it's over.
i want to believe you,
but find that i can't.

i hold on,
not wanting to let go,
wound around my fingers.

the string starts to break,
now it's hanging by a thread.
i turn away,
and let go
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Date: Jan 17th, 2009 10:09:18 pm - Subscribe
Mood: crestfallen

i fall
into the endless abyss
that is your soul.

i think
like this is my fate.
who is to decide?

i feel
the extreme irony
of it all.

i live life
as if it
werent even there.

i pretend
everything is alright.
fake it all.

are no more;
blacks and whites.
steaks of gray in between.

i live.
i die.
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Date: Jan 17th, 2009 10:05:45 pm - Subscribe
Mood: unsettled

time is running out,
like sand slipping
between my fingers.

soon, the trickle will stop,
my hands will be empty,
it will end.

what used to be
is now no more,
what were actions
are only memories.

memories of the past,
haunting a soul.
relive times long ago,
relive the joy,
joy that is now pain.

in worlds apart,
so near yet so far,
i think of you.

think of times together,
things long gone.
im past pretending
that things are okay.

the tears start,
trickling down my face
like the sands of time
that ended it all.
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Date: Jan 13th, 2009 6:30:47 pm - Subscribe
Mood: addicted

if words meant anything,
they would all be yours.
and if thoughts mean any more,
i would give mine to you.

but now it's all over,
you have taken my all.
what is left of me
is only an empty shell.

what i had
is now what you own.
mine is yours to control.
i am possessed.

drain the blood,
drain the thoughts,
the feelings,
take it all.

inhabited by the ghost of you,
not knowing what's next,
unable to react.
i give in.

take the world away,
sweep the earth
from under my feet,
let me fall.

what once was
is nevermore;
i am possessed.
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Date: Jan 7th, 2009 8:02:58 pm - Subscribe
Mood: helpless

so far
and yet so near
sometimes it seems
you werent ever here

like planets,
revolving so far

one look,
one smile,
is all it takes

and yet,
you turn

one step,
two steps.
i make my way
to you

and south,
and repelling
at a distance

like an ellipse,
we go 'round
and 'round,
never meeting,
only passing by
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fading canvas
Date: Dec 16th, 2008 7:21:46 pm - Subscribe
Mood: broken

the world around me
is colorful,
like swirls of paint
on an artist's canvas.

but through my eyes,
it is all washing away.
rain is falling on the picture,
marring and distorting it.

the colors are fading,
everything is a blur.
soon, it will be gone.
and there will be nothing left.

the canvas will be blank,
nothing but stretch of white.
over time,
it will dirty.

the white will turn
then black.
black as the heart
inside of me.

i will be a canvas,
black and empty.
i am
a fading canvas.
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living death
Date: Dec 16th, 2008 7:17:56 pm - Subscribe
Mood: miserable

i lay in bed,
wrapped in darkness;
the air so hot,
my heart so cold.

i take a breath,
let it out.
i am numbed
by the ache inside.

close my eyes and
think of you;
think of memories past,
those long gone,
ones that haunt.

i can still feel
arms around me,
your kiss on my cheek,
fingers interlocked
with mine.

i wake with
you in my head,
your name on my lips.
i wonder why
i was the one
left over.

day by day,
seconds tick by,
and minutes more,
till an hour it makes.

everything is agony.
the pain eats away.
can a half-gnawed heart
still beat?
can a candle
without the flame
still shine?
can i?

i thought it would last.
but it turns out,
i was wrong.
i guess
nothing is ever eternal.

so on i go,
chunks of coal
without sparks,
living a death.

it hurts to the point
where i can't
feel it.

and i doomed
to be alive?
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Date: Dec 15th, 2008 2:28:37 pm - Subscribe
Mood: lovelorn

love is not something you find,
it is something you grow.
love is not something you want,
it is something you need.
love is not necessary.
it pains.
love is not something you love,
it is something you hate.
love hurts.
it kills.
is murder
of brain,
of soul,
of spirit,
of heart.
is pain.
it is suffering.
it is destruction.
love aches.
love cries.
love breaks.
love fails.
love conquers.
and yet,
love lives on.
it thrives.
it exists.
it wants.
it needs.
without love,
i am not me.
without love,
i am not existent.
without love,
the world would not be.
without love,
there is no purpose in life.
with love,
i live a life of pain.
with love,
i live a life of suffering.
with love,
i cry.
with love,
i die in heart.
with love,
i die in spirit.
with love,
i die in soul.
with love,
i am who i am.
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when a poisoned arrow pierces your heart
Date: Dec 15th, 2008 2:22:10 pm - Subscribe
Mood: braindead

my eyes are filled with tears
as i think of letting you go.
though you might not know,
i long to keep you here.

you, the light of my life,
lit up my dreams.
you let me know you were there,
in times of thick and thin.

you held my body, soul, and spirit
in you very own,
led me through,
and let me know
the entire dream was true.

you held me in your arms,
never once letting me go.
you let me know
you would always be there.

though times were tough,
we endured together
for so long hte years
and learned to appreciate
each other.

it hurts me just to
think of leaving you,
as if a poisoned spear
enters through my heart.

but a must is a must,
and life will still go on.

and the years slip by,
we will both remember
out first love,
and then recall
each other.
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Dying and Crying
Date: Dec 15th, 2008 2:16:01 pm - Subscribe
Mood: clueless

when you hurt like you're dead,
when you feel like you're gasping for air,
when you're sufferning from a broken heart,
remember me.

for i went htrought hte same,
not willing to say what murdered me.
i died,
of a broken heart.

i knew it would come,
some day or another,
knew i would die,
some time or other,
that my suffering would end,

so now you see,
you're not alone,
together we know,
that dying of a broken heart,
of broken hopes,
will last forever.

we are the same.

we shall suffer together,
for eternity,
each not knowing the other.

but one day
we will meet,
and cty together,
over history
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Date: Oct 3rd, 2008 6:45:23 pm - Subscribe
Mood: hurt

i close my eyes,
blink back the tears.
i watch you go,
shiver from fear.

i in the dark,
you in the sun.
there is no light
where i come from.

i think of the past,
the future so near.
those dimly lit days,
now damp and cold.

i'm on the edge,
holding my breath.
i dare not hope.
i'm frozen.

you walk past,
a smile in your eyes.
i turn away,
unable to look.

i can only watch as you exit,
and all i see,
is a form, a shape, a silhouette,
imbedded into my memory.
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Date: Sep 26th, 2008 10:19:22 am - Subscribe
Mood: nostalgic

i look back
but you aren't there.
all i see
are memories

and i walk ahead
trying not to care.
my vision is blurred,
marred by tears.

my heart is bleeding
and thinking of the past
only makes it worse.

so i try to move on
but find that i can't.
i think i'm stuck here.

i remember those sunny days,
face lifted to the sun;
the stormy ones,
huddled together and shivering.
and as i try to unravel the past,
i wonder where you are.

then i see the first night star.
i make a wish.
i wish that this would all go away.

it's been four months.
those races in which you'd always won,
your grinning that mischievous smile,
it's gone.

running the track
with you by my side,
licking the lollipops
i brought you,
when i'd try to make you run faster on laps,
they are no more.

and now you're gone,
a part of me taken with you.
and my life is like your smile

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Waiting for a Miracle
Date: Sep 24th, 2008 8:19:14 pm - Subscribe
Mood: emo

i'm on the edge
feeling as if i'll fall off
any day, any minute, any second.

but i don't feel the pain
because pain doesn't hurts
when it's all you've ever felt.

you walk away
i look so indifferent
but inside i care

now i'm alone,
holding the embers you left me.
now i'm cold,
freezing without a fire

i can't go on
it feels like a hundred
below zero.

i'm on the edge
frightened, cold, and waiting.

waiting for a miracle.
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