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To be or not to be Sep 22nd, 2007 2:13:29 pm - Subscribe
Mood | mortified

All was quiet in the castle. An apprentice runs to the bell tower. 10 minutes to go. He runs up the stairs and reaches the top with a minute to spear. He pushes the door and sighs with relief. He won’t be late after all. The door squeaks open and the apprentice sees he is not alone. The intruder turns around with an evil grin on his face. He stinks of Darke Magyk.

The bells in the bell tower ring and slowly the castle wakes up. In the shadows a bride curses under her breath and creeps back to her flat. She reaches the door and decides against it. Inside Gringe waits for her return. He hears her approach the door and the creep away again. He lets out a roar and bounds to the door. Lucy squeals and runs in terror to the safest place she knows. The Heaps.

Septimus Heap quickly eats his breakfast. He’s late for his apprentice work with Marcia. Slowly the rest of the Heaps wake up and one-by-one make their way round the breakfast table where a bowl awaits them. Septimus finishes his breakfast and quickly runs out the door. He runs into Lucy and the result sends them flying.
“Whoa. Oh it’s you Lucy. What’s wrong?”
At the sound of Lucy’s name Simon runs for the door. Lucy looks up at Simon with a tearstained face and collapses into Simon’s arms. Simon and Septimus look at each other and Silas staggers to the door stopping an over-excited Maxie from jumping on Lucy.
“Lucy. What’s wrong dear?”
Lucy lets out a faint moan. Septimus remembers he’s late and runs to the Wizard tower, nearly tripping over Maxie in the process.

In the bell tower young wizards find the apprentice unconscious and tied up to the bell. They try to awaken him but after 5 minutes of trying they realise what’s wrong. He’s dead. The life had been sucked out of him leaving him dry.

Below the necromancer chuckles darkly. He is refreshed. He hears the breath of a boy running. He looks and sees Septimus sprinting for the door. The necromancer waits patiently. Soon, very soon he will get his revnege. But until then he will have to wait…

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