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The wonders of 4th year...chapter 12 Aug 6th, 2007 4:49:35 pm - Subscribe
Mood | great

I've got nothing to do and I'm pissed off at Malcolm. I'm hoping this will calm me down...

Chapter 11 review:

I collapse on my bed. I head people talk to me but I don't talk. I just sit and cry. I cry so much my hole body shakes. After my tears have dried up I look at all the messages I've recieved. Most of them are from Matt and friends that knew about me and Steven. I close all of them and then see I've got an email. I open up the email and see it's from Steven. He's went offline now. He must have realised that I've been ignoring him and that I wouldn't read it until he went offline.

To: Leanne
From: Steven
Message: ...

I'm sorry about earlier. I know you're ignoring me but I need to tell you this...

Chapter 12:

I'm really sorry about earlier and I want to make it up to you. Could we meet up this tomorrow in town? I'll be waiting in Burger King at half 12. Hope you can make it. Anyway I hope you're feeling better soon. Cya x

Steven x

I manage a slight smile at the thought of us meeting up. At least he still wants to be friends. I log off and have a dreamless sleep. Must have been all the crying wink.gif.


I switch my alarm off and fall out of bed. I hear Jenny stir from the noise but she falls asleep again. I get up and throw on my jeans and a new hoodie. A black MCR hoodie. I got it from Gerard for my birthday but never thought to wear it. I run downstairs and look at myself in the mirror. I see a slightly tanned girl with brown hair that frames her oval face staring back at me. Her blue eyes, like an ocean, are glistening with tears. I dry my eyes. I look at my watch and grab a black bag (I've grown attached to black now). My mum comes downstairs and checks if I'm ready and we head out.

I arrive at the train station with a few minutes to spare. I head to Burger King and see Steven sitting with his arm around a girl. Obviously this was his girlfriend. She had straight, jet black hair and chocolate coloured eyes. She was slim and was wearing a black top and black jeans (which had skulls all around them). She looks at me and I see her mouth a hi. I force a smile onto my face and I see her whisper into Steven's ear. He looks at me and smiles. He gestures me to sit down and I walk over slowly not wanting to disturb them.

"Hi Leanne. You feeling better?"
"Yeah," I give a faint nod and look away wanting to be anywhere but here.
"That's good. By the way. This is Janet," He smiles and kissed his girlfriend. I feel the jealousy rise up in me, like a monster ready to strike. She pulls away and tells him off. The jealousy disappears leaving a scar on my heart. Something that can never be fixed...

We walk into a few shops so that Steven's girlfriend can get some new clothes and me and Steven are left standing on our own while she tries them on. He starts to create a conversation but I'm not in the mood. I look away and I feel the tears forming in my eyes. I pull myself together and start to talk to Steven. He looks worried but that is soon changed by my conversation. Soon we're laughing like we used to and Janet comes out of the changing rooms twirling a little so we can have the full affect of the outfit. It looks great on her.

We head to McDonalds and she orders a salad. I start to get embarassed so I get a salad too. We eat in silence and I realise that the salad isn't that bad. Mabey I should get this more often. I don't eat much bfore I start to feel sick. I head to the toilet justin time to be sick. I collapse onto the floorand start to cry. I hear the door opening and Janet walks in. She sees my crying and comforts me but there's nothing she can do. It's too late for that now.

"Why're you crying?"
"It's nothing," I pull away from her and stare at the door.
"There's got to be a reason. You were so happy in the shop,"
"I guess..."
"It's Steven isn't it. You still love him,"
"Listen I don't wa..."
"No you listen. I never realised you would feel like this. If you want I'll dump him.I feel awful about asking him...I only did it to make him feel better!"
"No. You and Steven go and live a happy life together..." I walk away leaving Janet sitting on the floor. I come out and Janet follows, trying to get my attention. Steven looks puzzled and he looks like he's going to speak but he decides against it. I make an excuse about having to go home early and they walk me to the train station to make sure I get there ok. There's an awkward silence when we get there.

"Well bye Leanne..."
"Yeah bye Leanne. Hope you can come out with us soon. It was fun grin.gif"
"Bye and I don't know if I'll be allowed" I begin to head off to my train and I hear someone shout my name. I turn around and see Luke heading towards megiving me a deathly stare. I see something glint in his hand and he turns around, beconing his friends to follow. I start to panic and I'm frozen to the spot. Steven sees Luke and runs towards me. The rage in Luke's eyes deepens and the lunges for me. Steven punches Luke and Luke pushes, with all his might, the knife into Steven's chest. His friends gather round and attack him. I scream and they try to get me with the knife but are stopped by the security. They run off and are cornered. I see them get taken into a polic car. It's as if time's stopped for me. I keep staring at Steven just lying there not moving with blodd gushing out of him. I can't control myself anymore and I cry uncontrollably. The ambulance comes and I get to go to the hospital with Steven. Janet comes too. We sit in silence the whole way while we let the medicals in the ambulance try to save Steven. His face has gone a deathly shade of white and it looks as if he's stopped breathing.

We get to the hospital and I wait impatiently while the doctors are trying to get Steven's breathing stable. It seems forever until they come out and tell us the result.

"We have good new and bad news. Which do you want first?"
"Good news" Me and Janet say together.
"The good new is that we've got your friends breathing stable. Bad news is that he's in a coma. We've no idea when he's going to wake up. I'm sorry," He stares at us waiting for a reaction. I sink into a chair and Janet bursts out crying and I promise myself one thing. Luke's going to regret he did that...

Ohhh...tounge.gif. Don't worry. Chapter 13 will be here soon. I promised people I would do 2 chapters. But I'm going to do Steven's POV in the next chapter...Comments please grin.gif

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