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The wonders of 4th year...chapter 14 Aug 8th, 2007 12:17:03 pm - Subscribe
Mood | unloved

I'm doing chapter 14 cause i'm bored and I can't find any of my homework :S. I'm going to be so dead when I get back to school...anyway. This is Leanne's pov again...

Chapter 12 review:

"We have good new and bad news. Which do you want first?"
"Good news" Me and Janet say together.
"The good new is that we've got your friends breathing stable. Bad news is that he's in a coma. We've no idea when he's going to wake up. I'm sorry," He stares at us waiting for a reaction. I sink into a chair and Janet bursts out crying and I promise myself one thing. Luke's going to regret he did that...

Chapter 14:

He's still in a coma. He doesn't seem to want to wake up. We're all stnading around him and he opens his eyes. Everyone speaks to him and he says goodbye to them all...but he just igores me. I see his last tears fall...and then silence. My world falls apart.

The sound of the bell wakes me...

I've not been able to concentrate. Everytime I see a knife I freak out. I burst into tears. My friends have now started to make sure I don't see any. We've never been this close before...not since I moved here.

I walk out of french but the teacher keeps me back. She's got a worried look on her face. I zone in and out of the conversation but I get the point. She's worried about me. I've not learned anything since the accident. I've not been able to keep awake and she's had to check nothing with knives has entered the classroom...a bit hard if we've to watch a video about violence or something.

I walk Greg home in silence. We get round the corner from the school and he loses it.

"I can't take it anymore!"
"You can't take what?"
"The fact that you're acting like your life's over just because Steven stopped Luke from stabbing you and got stabbed himself. I mean sure he's in a coma and sure he might not wake up ever again but it's not the end of your life. There's plently of other guys out there waiting for you!"
"Well excuse me for being upset. We did go out you know and I still do have a crush on him. It's not my fault if I feel like it's my fault he got stabbed. I brought him into this..."
"Yeah but he stayed in it. He didn't have to defend you..."
"Yeah but he did. Now excuse me. I'm not walking home with someone who moans at me for being upset about my ex being stabbed..."

I walk away but Greg grabs my arm. He acts like he's going to punch me but his eyes are telling a different story. They're almost pleading me to get over it. I stand directly in front of him and he gives up. He lets me go and I walk off.

"Leanne I'm sorry. It's just that you're ruining your life over a guy that doesn't love you..."

I run off crying and stop when I'm round the corner. I can't run. I've got asthma. I stand there panting. I don't hear Greg coming this way. He must have gone the longer way. I stop crying and walk quickly until I get to the shops. I see Greg coming and I run to the park. My tearstained face hurting with the force of the wind. I see Matt at the park and I decide to stop. I sit on the round-a-bout thing (I don't actually know what it's called XD) and I let the wind move my hair so it's hiding my face. Matt looks at me and I start crying again. I'm shaking this time.

"What's wrong?"
"Come on. I know you better than that."
"My life's over. My friends are turning on me and the guy I love's in a coma and it's likely he'll never wake up again"
"Why won't you get over it. There's nicer guys out there...guys that actually love you and care for you. And probably guys that you'll actually love..."
"How could you say that. I LOVE HIM!"

I stand up and glare at Matt. He seems unable to talk. I begin to walk away.

"Wait!" With that I turn around and Matt runs over to me.

"Listen I didn't mean to make you upset. It's just that I love you and I don't want you to get hurt. If you don't get over him then you will...he dumped you remember..."
"Of course I remember. You were the reason why he dumped me!"
"I'm sorry about that. It's just that he's not good enough fo..."
"Not good enough for me! It's the other way around. I'm not good enough for him. You ruined my only chance of happiness..."

I storm off leaving Matt staring after me. I go upstairs and log on. I ignore everyone and lie on my bed. The tears start falling. A couple of days later it's Christmas Eve. I'm still depressd and I think back to what Greg and Matt said. I start to cry and ignore everyone again. I'm sitting staring into space and then I hear someone go online. I look up and see Steven come online. I'm torn between starting a conversation or not. I love him but if what Greg and Matt said was true then he doesn't love me back. I'm ready to click on his name when his conversation comes up. He started it. It must be a good sign happy.gif.

Leanne says:
Steven says:
Leanne says:
How're you?
Steven says:
Better now. I still can't speak though
Leanne says:
Awww...well I hope you can speak soon
Steven says:
Did you ever come and visit?
Leanne says:
I tried. They wouldn't let me in
Steven says:
Leanne says:
The doctors. They blame me...

Then there's an awkward silence. but it was worth it. I know that's he's out of the coma. At least there's something to be happy about. I didn't kill him. Well it wasn't me that stabbed him but Luke stabbed him because he thought Steven took me away. He couldn't be more wrong. He drove me away and Steven was my shoulder to cry on. The guy that would comfort me and give me the happiest moments of my life...

Steven says:
Hi. This is Steven's sis
Leanne says:
Steven says:
Would you mind coming round sometime? We would really appreciate it
Leanne says:
Sure. If my mum will let me. How come you'll appreciate it?
Steven says:
Well Steven's been depressed lately and we're hoping that you'll cheer him up. You always seem to
Leanne says:
Brb. Need to ask my mum
Leanne says:
Back. She says yes. When?
Steven says:
Well tomorrow's Christmas so I doubt you can come over. Boxing Day?
Leanne says:

Steven comes back on and we arrange to meet up at Burger King at half 11. Paige and Frank come in for me and I log off. We go somehwere roughly halfway between Barrhead and Coatbridge and head to a park. It's a small park with not much to do there. I tell them I've got to go back soon because I've got homework but they don't listen. They seem to be waiting for something. Alyssa and Gerard come round the corner and enter the park. They yell "come on" to someone and I see Steven come around. He stops when he sees me and his face lights up. He walks awkwardly up to me and I throw myself on him to give him a hug. He seems startled by this but soon he's hugging me back. I don't want this to end. We pull away and he smiles at me.

"How're you?"

He picks up the board and writes "I'm kl". I smile and my mum phones saying I have to go home. Frank gets his parent's to drive me and I'm back within half an hour of leaving. I smile and vow to make it up to Alyssa, Paige, Gerard and Frank.

Well that's chapter 14. Amber helped me with this one. Anyway comments?

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