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The wonders of 4th year...chapter 15 Aug 14th, 2007 11:33:30 am - Subscribe
Mood | dramatic

Chapter's gone by so fast wink.gif. Anyway I found my homework but I want to do one more chapter before I ruin the last bit of my summer by doing homework...

Chapter 14 review:

"How're you?"

He picks up the board and writes "I'm kl". I smile and my mum phones saying I have to go home. Frank gets his parent's to drive me and I'm back within half an hour of leaving. I smile and vow to make it up to Alyssa, Paige, Gerard and Frank.

Chapter 15:

I'm at his house. We exchange presents. His sister starts to laugh and points to the ceiling. We look up. Mistletoe is hanging from the ceiling. I feel myself staring to blush and I look at Steven. He's turned a bright red. He looks at me and I look away. I takes my hand and pulls me closer. I look at him and smile...


I switch off my alarm and stay in bed. I stare at the ceiling. Christmas was awesome yesterday. I got loads of presents and had a great time. I look at my clock and start to panic. I'm suppost to meet Steven at Burger King in 2 hours. I quicky find my clothes in the mountainous clothes pile and shove them on. An hour and a half to go. I wake up my mum and she takes her time getting ready. Eventually she drives me to the train station and gives me some money. I get my ticket and wait for the train. It seems forever but I know that it hasn't taken long to come. I check that Steven's Christmas present is still in my pocket and board the train. I slump into one of the seats and stare out the window. I feel someone sitting on the seat next to me and I turn around. Greg's sitting beside me looking depressed again.

"Hi. What're you doing here?"
"I'm going to Steven's house to see how he's doing now he's out of the coma. You?"
"She still not speaking to you?"
"No..." He sighs and I decide to stop talking about that. It's making him even more depressed. I use my "talent" and soon he's laughing. I wouldn't exactly call it a talent. I can usually get people to laugh but it usually requires taking the piss out of myself. I don't do it often but Greg needed cheering up.

Soon we're laughing and it's all too soon before we're at Central Station. We get off the train and head for Burger King. As usual Steven is early and he looks anxiously around him, hoping he'll see us. I decide to sneak up on him and so I grab Greg and we join a huge group of people heading towards the toilets (which are conveniently (sp?) situated right beside Burger King). I sneak up on him but he must have heard me because he turned around at the eact moment I was about to give him a fright. He smiles at me and I start to melt. Greg starts to laugh and he turns around. I'm standing there rooted to the spot not knowing what to do next. I see a seat beside Steven and don't know whether I should take it or not. Too many hard desicions...argghhh...I decide to sit next to Steven and Greg sits grinning at me. We start an argument about something random like his fear of cows. It's almost like an obsession grin.gif. It starts to get loud and I hear a voice so faint I wasn't sure whether I'd imagined it or not.

"Cows," Steven starts to laugh which Greg catches and soon the whole of Burger King is laughing. I just sit in silence while Steven tries to speak again. He doesn't manage it and gives up as it starts to hurt. He tries again a few moments later and looks at me. I feel the embarrassment coming when he tries to say something to me but can't. Then he ushers another single word. "Leanne..."

I feel my jaw dropping and he starts to smile again. I look away and Greg hits his arm as if to say "Well done". Steven flinches and I start to shout at Greg. I turn back to Steven and I look at the bandages barely visible under his new smosh jumper. I feel tears coming on and I run to the bathroom leaving Steven and Greg looking bewildered. I cry for a while and then I hear Greg hammering at the door.

"If you don't get out of there then I'll come in after you..." I dry my eyes and flinch at the though of Greg coming in the girls bathroom, almost like a stalker.
"Right I'm out. What is it?" Greg looks taken aback by this.
"We were wondering if you were alright. Why did you just burst into tears like that?"
"Cause I know it's my fault. It's just not fair that I got him into th..."
"It's not your fault. If Steven hadn't stepped in you might not be here. And at least Steven woke up from the coma."

Steven walks out from around the corner and comes over to me. I gives me a crooked smile and I look away. He looks down at the floor and Greg walks away to give us some privacy. I see the board he uses to speak and start to cry again. He looks up at me and starts to write. It's not your fault. I try to stop crying but I can't. I turn away from him and I hear him coming closer. He puts his arms around me and I turn around. He stands holding me in silence and after a while I stop crying. He looks at me and smiles again. I smile back this time. He puts his arm around my waist and we walk out...together.

Soz. I know it's a crap chapter but I've got really bad writer's block. Hopefully reading new moon will give me inspiration happy.gif. Anyway...comments?

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