Asian Furniture: Asian Chairs
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In western countries, Asian furniture has gained great popularity nowadays. Different designs and styles are found in furniture in different regions of Asia. The Chinese and the Japanese mainly represents Asian culture in the west and most of the Asian furniture available in the stores have their origin either in China or Japan. Asian chairs have some distinct differences with the chairs of other parts of the world.

Chairs and stools developed early on in Chinese history, while other Asian furniture remained at floor level. The three traditional Chinese chairs are - the horseshoe chair, the yoke-back chair and the 'Southern Official's' chair. The horseshoe chair was originated 550 years ago during the Ming dynasty. The back rail and arms of the chair form a semicircle, descending toward the front with the terminals of the arms bent slightly back in a rhythmic yet reserved curve. Yoke back chairs are simple, side chairs without arms. It has a characteristic back rail in the shape of a yoke or lamp stand. 'Southern Official's' chair is a simple low armchair in a classic Chinese style. This type of chair developed from the earlier 'yoke-back’ chair. The main difference with 'yoke-back’ chair is that its arms and top rail do not protrude beyond the chair's stiles and posts.

Another popular Asian chair is “Zaisu” which is mainly a floor sitting piece of Japanese traditional chair. These chairs are mainly used with dining sets. “Shogi” chair is another small Japanese chair. “Shogi” is one kind of Japanese chess. The small folding chair that is used during “Shogi” is called Shogi chair.

There may be different variations of these traditional chairs and often fusions with modern designs are found.

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Asian Fabrics
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Asian fabrics are becoming very popular in many countries because of their good quality and designs. Asian fabrics with unique household decor concepts use a few simple tips to show them off in style. Collectors and fabric fans will appreciate showing off the cloth as a whole, keeping the fabric as intact and original as possible when displaying its cultural beauty.

Bali quilting fabric is one of the favorite Asian fabrics known for two reasons: quality and exquisite design. There are two types of Bali quilting fabric batik and polo which is favorable to all. Batik is a type fabric whose design is created through a unique process, which consists of applying wax to form different patterns. It is always recommended that one can wash a batik Bali quilting fabric at least couple of times with hot water before she start stitching in order for the wax to completely wash away. The batik material that one will get in the market today is produced in Bali. The history of the batik shows that centuries ago this type of dying was popular enough. Asian fabrics don't just offer unique hand designs, quality, and durability. Through its sophisticated patterns anyone will get elegance and style in a very simple and colorful way.

From exotic silks to simple woolen weaves, Asian fabrics are a simple and popular fabric collectors and fans of Far East culture. Though these fabrics are easy to find and affordable to purchase, collectors often find themselves at a loss when it comes to displaying their purchases. Asian fabrics in everyday decor doesn't have to be challenging, however the unique patterns and cloth panels lend themselves to a variety of projects.

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Asian Lamps For Your Home
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Lamps are not only being used as a means of providing light during power cut. They are also used to give your home a beautiful and stylish look. Various lamps are available in the market. For example, oriental, western, modern, urban and country styled lamps. Also they come in various sizes, shapes, patterns and styles. So, there are a lot of options for one to choose from these lamps.

Oriental kind of lamps has a link with Asian design and history. This is because of the fact that these are from the continent of Asia. Some very unique lamps are developed these days by crossing traditional Asian icons with American influences. Silk and bamboo hanging lanterns are also very popular. These are inspired by the traditional Asian lamps which were generally made of rice paper and painted in one color. But these hanging lanterns are made of silk that are nicer and last longer than rice paper. So these can be used more than once.

Asian fusion has also given an entirely different flavor in floor lamps that can make your room feel like a garden. These Asian Lamps inspired by flowers lead up to a flower-like light holder that comes in a rainbow of colors.

It is not difficult to pull off a great Asian fusion design scheme with these inspiring Asian Lamps. It's fairly simple. Because you are looking for furniture that is not purely Asian, but simply reminds you of Asian design and culture. You can use them to create a unique and innovative style in your room that is all your own.

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Asian Pillows
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Some designers recommend buying big furniture pieces like sofas and loveseats. With the major furnishings in place, decorative pillows can be layered to add color, pattern, or play up a different theme. It can color any drawing room, bed rooms with its various shapes, fabrics, designs and colors. Seasonal themes are natural points of time by which one can easily change the look of a room in one’s home.

The material, from which the hand made cushion is made, can sometimes determine whether it's appropriate for the time of year. One of the popular themes for spring motifs is needle worked floral and foliage, with brilliant blossoms, palm trees and ferns topping the list. Other images that people enjoy at this time of year are taken from nature, like pillows with fish or fishing flies in needlepoint. Some likes from outdoor sports such as golf or horseback riding. Summer time gives way to full celebration of nature and vacation pillows ranging from a profusion of delicate butterflies to fun and folksy geography pillows and nautical cushions. The images of seashore chairs and seagulls are examples of those woolen pillows that are most often displayed in hot weather. The lodge pillows certainly straddle the seasons, they seem most apropos when leaves are changing color and nights are crisp.

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Asian Vases
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Many people who practice Buddhism use Asian vases in order to remind them of their basic beliefs, and the history of their religious values. In particular, there are eight symbols, referred to as the "Eight Auspicious Signs" are used with the Asian Vases. These symbols are engraved or painted on Asian vases.

The first symbol that is found on an Asian vase is the "Umbrella", which represents that an individual has made the personal choice to enter the family of all individuals who believe in the Buddhist ways. The symbol of "Fish" represents the fact that all people should focus on harmony and the concept of peace in their lives. The symbol of "Lotus" represents basic purity based on the way of living. The "Knot of Eternity" displays the wisdom as acquired and displayed by the ever-popular "Buddha". This symbol is actually very popular and you may find it engraved on many Asian vases. The two symbols the "Victory Banner" and the "Dharma Wheel" represent a believer's ability to acquire the quality of Buddha himself in realizing the truths of the world and life. It also represents the ability of the believer to assist others in reaching the enlightenment in life to avoid suffering - not just in their lives, but in the whole world.

In the house of Buddhist believers, Asian vases, engraved or painted with these symbols are representative of the progress that is being made by the believer to the path of personal enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment.

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