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In western countries, Asian furniture has gained great popularity nowadays. Different designs and styles are found in furniture in different regions of Asia. The Chinese and the Japanese mainly represents Asian culture in the west and most of the Asian furniture available in the stores have their origin either in China or Japan. Asian chairs have some distinct differences with the chairs of other parts of the world.

Chairs and stools developed early on in Chinese history, while other Asian furniture remained at floor level. The three traditional Chinese chairs are - the horseshoe chair, the yoke-back chair and the 'Southern Official's' chair. The horseshoe chair was originated 550 years ago during the Ming dynasty. The back rail and arms of the chair form a semicircle, descending toward the front with the terminals of the arms bent slightly back in a rhythmic yet reserved curve. Yoke back chairs are simple, side chairs without arms. It has a characteristic back rail in the shape of a yoke or lamp stand. 'Southern Official's' chair is a simple low armchair in a classic Chinese style. This type of chair developed from the earlier 'yoke-back’ chair. The main difference with 'yoke-back’ chair is that its arms and top rail do not protrude beyond the chair's stiles and posts.

Another popular Asian chair is “Zaisu” which is mainly a floor sitting piece of Japanese traditional chair. These chairs are mainly used with dining sets. “Shogi” chair is another small Japanese chair. “Shogi” is one kind of Japanese chess. The small folding chair that is used during “Shogi” is called Shogi chair.

There may be different variations of these traditional chairs and often fusions with modern designs are found.

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