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It is said that the only thing that is constant about today’s market is fluctuating change. World economies race toward their respective goals without much concern for the collective effects of their actions causing unforeseen negative effects down the line. This trend of today’s world market has become a common target for market analysts, churning essay after essay with their varied opinions and interpretations. How then can you tell which essay you should read?
There is a big difference between writing an essay and writing a good essay. The same holds true for an economic essay. A well-written essay is one that captures the attention of a reader then maintains that interest until the end. Also, getting the reader to react, whether to agree or disagree to your opinion, is important in gauging just how good your essay is. Writing economic essays follows the same style and standards as other academic essays. So in picking good economic essays, just remember the guidelines for a good essay.
Firstly, look at the topic and determine just how relevant and precise it is. A topic that is too broad usually indicates that the essay covers too much ground for it to make sense. There is also the tendency of broad topics to digress from the actual point of the essay. Determine also the relevance of the essay in respect to the current events. Markets change rapidly, what is recent news for some could be old news for others.
Next, go over the introduction and decide if the writing style of the author is to your liking. There is no point on reading further, no matter how interesting the topic is, if the writing style will only confuse you thus diverting your attention. It is important to determine this early on to avoid wasting your time reading the entire thing.
These are just general guidelines to help in determining well-written essays. While not necessarily applicable in all situations, it is still a good idea to remember these the next time you pick up an essay to read.

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