my wish
Date: Dec 6th, 2010 - Subscribe
Mood: ****

you's like hulk with just a little bulk and might i say, quite the looker.
never cheated, never been in a fight, never slept with a hooker.

you're funny, you're annoying, you're quirky, you're charming..

you always open the door and pick up things from the floor..its usually coz i drop stuff..BUTTTT..

i get a sneak at your bum
while you reach for that sum'
that i dropped coz i'm

NICE ASS,weeshi

i never have to pick up anything around you, it's amusing

i know you's got my back, cut me some slack i don't mean to be mean. not always.

you don't think i'm fat, you think i'm jiggly. that doesn't makes sense but i think you're silly. i love it

you's fashown, you's a bodyguard, you's my closet geek!
i teach you UFC and cars, you teach me shoes and casual chic

you're so gay sometimes.

the way you treat me is now how i think girls should be treated.
girls crush on you left and right and yet, you're not conceited!
i feel like i one upped and level completed!

lakers rule and miami? DEFEATED, sucka!

but seriously..i never knew a guy could be this good to me..haha!

ME: oh fuck, life sucks... then LADY LUCK!! aaaaand KABOOM! *&!@&!??

WISH GRANTED! i have you with your eyes all slanted, with the L bomb planted, and i couldn't stand it! you came running all outta breath and panted (idk if thats a word) and i thought to myself.."yup..he just landed.." ..nailed it!

then came my L bomb. it may have not been the most graceful way to drop that on you, neither was it at the most appropriate of times but cameron diaz in my best friend's wedding said..

"If you love someone... you say it, right then, out loud. Otherwise... the moment just passes you by."

yup i quoted my best friend's wedding.
now don't go all macho! stop pretending.

you liked that movie, didn't you, ya big ol'softy?

my heart is yours please take care of it.
it's been broken many times before but hell it's got quite the fight in it.

it's a good one, i swear.

you think i look like a care bear.

you're a sasquatch with no happy trail.

(you think i'm weird. i don't mind.
you haven't seen half of it, my concubine)

you gotta look at the world in different perspectives! binoculars are fun, ain't it? we can sit around and spy on the neighbors again!

my world is kaleidoscopes and rock shows.
dreams of the parthenon, sex, and snow!
pantera, alanis, cudi, barry freakin' manilow!

i see colors that have never been made and imagine songs that have never been played

gotta mix it up,babyboo! you'll be surprised with what i'ma get ya to do


I love you like i've loved you forever.
Its an amusement park when we're together.
Yes, i do mean to "accidentally" brush up against you in public.
Its quite a thrill for me when i get away with it. HAHA!

You're my definition of a sweetheart and i hate when we're a part. you've turned me into such a HUGE sap, you like me sitting on your lap, you're so adorable in a cap, i love when you rap (you memorize every goddamn word), you got me walking into your traps and i get so peeved coz your jokes are lame and I LOVE YOU!

you're the best i ever had, sugarballs.

as a little girl, i made a wish on a star to find someone special. i plan on keeping you

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