Im an idiot
Date: May 19th, 2005 3:33:17 pm - Subscribe
Mood: amazed

Ok, so youd think that after the first few years of my life Id get it. Well, youre wrong. I still didnt see it coming. I never get what I want. i dont want to be a selfish little bitch... but I at least want to have something go my way ONE TIME. I dont think that is that much to ask. I try all these self improvement things, Im nice to everyone... and still I cant get a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Yeah, I know some people do like me. But that doesnt mean that I like them that way back. I just can never have something go my way with dating. Sometimes I just want to completely give up. But I know that then Ill feel so alone... which is freakin pathetic. I dont want to feel this way. I dont want to like who I do. Why cant I be happy with someone that likes me? I guess that Im meant to be single for the rest of my life. I guess that Im not meant to ever have a significant other. Perpetually single... perpetually lonely... perpetually unhappy.
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marlene - May 19th, 2005
A boyfriend or girlfriend? If you want both, thats selfish. Homosexuality is fine, by bisexuals, something about them annoys me.

zuzy - June 11th, 2005
I don't think b14d3 is said that he/she is bisexual or anything. I think b14d3 is saying none of the relationships work out....
And yes ! i do understand! i have the same exact problem!! i've had sooo many relationships thinking that they will work but they never do ...out of like 10 relationships longest one has been 1 month..WHICH IS HORRILBE ..haha I'm thnik of becoming like virgin a's so depressing.
ANYWAYS yes i am a very sad girl....


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