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Date: Apr 12th, 2011 11:06:43 pm - Subscribe
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anonymous - May 13th, 2011
I want to run and jump from the highest plateau, and when the air hits my face, I'll spread my wings and expand them to the edges of time. I'll soar and feel every strong, powerful back muscle and wing muscle thrusting and pulsing, pushing me forward.
I spit up fire from my lungs. I sputter out poison. I fuck the world. Children are hopeless cancer cells. I have nothing left in my weary body but soap suds and forced literature.
Are you saved? Am I saved? I resent. I want nothing to do with anything that relates to salvation. I want eternal damnation, but on my own accord.
I'm still flying, soaring through the land. The plateau is far behind now, beneath me are burning palm trees. I try to read the signals in the smoke. Fuck the sun. He's so damn demanding.

I soar on.

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