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pics? and new stuff.

Aug 20th, 2005 9:36:03 pm - Subscribe

wow .. havent wrote in here in a long long long long long timeeee. um okay so .. anything new? yup theres alot of things that are new .. me and my bf broke up in may. which im sorta happy about .. he turned out to be a total ass .. dont like him much now .. but whatever. & my cousins came down from hawaii during july so i might be going there next summer .. which im so stoked about. and probably like 2 weeks from now school starts .. BLAHH!! & tomorrow i might be going to this festival thing .. mhmm. alright pix ...

^ and that would be me .. yea ..

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May 1st, 2005 7:07:24 pm - Subscribe

light that smoke for giving up on me
and one jut cause theyll kill you sooner than my expectations
to my favorite liar to my favorite scar
i could have died with you
i hope you choke on these words that kiss that bottle
i confess
now ask yourself out on the insides when i said i loved you but i lied.

lets play this game called when you catch fire
i wouldnt piss to put you out
stop burning bridges and drive off of them
so i can forget about you

so bury me in memory his smile is your rope
so wrap it tight around your throat

on the drive home joke about the kid you used to see
and his jealousy
breaking hearts has never looked so cool
as when you wrap your car around a tree
your make up looks great next to his teeth.

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