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bangg___xx FIRST POST SUCKERRRRSSS - Subscribe
yo. first post. umm.. yea i was kinda getting tired of xanga so i guess i wanted to try something new?? lol?? anyways yeaa.. im new .. sad.gif lol.. i dont know whats going on here .. but thats okay right?? im mean .. its cool?? lol anyways .. comment me cuz im a cool kidd grin.gif
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bangg___xx woo-fucking-hoo its fridayyy!! Dec 3rd, 2004 2:21:56 pm - Subscribe
hey hey hey. umm... yeaaa i dont feel like writing in my xanga lol.. anyways today was .. today yup. the only highlight was that i got to see **** teehee yup its a secret shhhhh but if you must know its a guy and hes HOTT with two T's. that made my day happy.gif wink.gif .. and blahh blahh blahhh then english! haha omg sooo funny! cuz we had to do act out romeo and juliet haha damnnnn. and it was hilarious cuz noone knew how to pronounce some of the words cuz its like ... old... and then jeff was soooo funny haha that kids cool. cool.gif and now im here!! .. and its friday!! ...sweetness...

hmm.. do any of you know if i could post up pictures on this thing?? cuz if i could .. i was guna post up pictures .. mhmm.. ohh well.. anyways i might go to the mall later?? haha oh yea im guna go do some hardcore shopping cuz i havent been there in a million yearss.. tounge.gif

alright well .. ill write more later then.

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bangg___xx pix of me?? Dec 5th, 2004 5:53:42 pm - Subscribe
yo-ness. today sucked .. cuz i didnt do anything .. and i did go to the mall but that sucked too .. ugh .. i hate this .. and tomorrow i have school tomorrow .. ohh joy more things that suck .. wow .. we all live in a suck fest .. but thats okay right? .. i think not! anyways here are pics or myself? teehee?? yea .. sry if they scare anyone anyway .. i really dont mean to..

^ gummm!! lol i look silly tounge.gif

^ paint is funnn. cool.gif

and that was it

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bangg___xx time to update! Dec 10th, 2004 8:26:56 pm - Subscribe
Hey there suckers. today blew .. as usual. .. and umm.. yea but thank god its friday woot! and tomorrow is my dad's birthday and hes having this big party so i cant wait for that niether yay! fooooood! haha i <3 food happy.gif oh! and thanks for all the people that commented .. even tho i looked like a whore but thats okay... right? har har har? and now here are some pictures..

^ ugh eww im soo fat sad.gif

^ uhh.. yea sry that one kinda came out blurry its me in my school uniform lajdfkjakljdfajsdf..

^ damn isnt he hott?! lol yes with two T's .. i think i heart him grin.gif <333

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bangg___xx omfg im updating Dec 15th, 2004 2:36:42 pm - Subscribe
hey there home skillets .. havent updated in here for a while .. well to me its a while so shutup .. anyways today was bad. but i guess its alright we had this " pretend lockdown" thing today haha it was hilarious haha omg soo funny and it took time out of class so that was a plus and then after that we got to skip 7th and 8th period cuz all the freshman peoples had to go to church haha oh yes the only advantage of going to a private school... cutting class for no reason and the random days off grin.gif and tomorrow is going to suck balls .. have a nice fucking day.

ohh and yeah sry no pictures today but i will when winter break starts wink.gif which is in like .. 5 days but ohhh well..

..when your hearts
so delicatly open its so
easy to steal..

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