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Apr 28th, 2005 3:40:54 pm - Subscribe

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here i am once again im torn into pieces cant deny it, cant pretend, just though you were the one broken up deep inside but you wont get to see these tears i cry behind these hazel eyes...

i ♥ black and white pictures .. but i look gay in 'em errrr. so yeah one of my moms friends was like you should be a model ha riiiiggghhttt... like id ever pass.. and plus im too short so it doesnt really matter..

but today was alright i guess.. nothing new.

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spare me just three last words ♥

Apr 26th, 2005 7:10:24 pm - Subscribe

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and to think i use to be the only one you look at when your surrounded by a flock of people..that look in your eyes i know ill never forget it. what happened to us? we us to be unbreakable.

yuppp thats me in my friggin school uniform haha .. ew loser.

anyways .. i talked to him i didnt really tell him how i felt i was too scared i know i sound like a fucking wuss but i couldnt do it but he acted like nothing happened and everything was cool so i was glad but now i hardly talk to him i only get to talk to him likkeee.. 2 times a week? .. i know thats whoreable. ... im not saying everythings alright and back to normal becuz i know its not.. becuz there are times when i feel like he doesnt really care about me anymore

i cant stand it .. i feel like shit actually beyond shit..and i cant do anything.. oh well atleast if hes happy then im happy? since you know i dont really matter.. hey im willing to hurt for someone that i truly love cuz thats what love is .. well .. i think it is.. and without him im just even more hurt... but i know i deserve better than that well i hope i do...ehhhhh whatever you dont want to her this and i sound like a fucking moron typing all this useless stuff but i need to take it out on something....

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