Blifaloo predicted that..
Date: Apr 26th, 2008 2:35:11 am - Subscribe
Mood: amused

The Blifaloo resident psychic has predicted that:
You have 6 close friends. But Glen is your closest friend.
Paulie knows you the best, so have a long chat with this person and you might find out something important about yourself.
Brooke is your lucky star. This person will bring luck (usually unexpedetedly).
You are deeply in love with Pepper and your feelings are like the song "If You Leave".
You like Dean, but it is not "meant to be"... kind of like the song "A Hard Day's Night".
The song, "And I love her" says a lot about how you think, while the song, "You Won't See Me" tells how you feel about life in general.
12 is your lucky number,
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