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for ever

Jun 18th, 2010 1:36:41 am - Subscribe

A cold and lonely afternoon,
Your voice I finally hear,
Falling into abyss soon,
I failed to stop my tear;
Once encountering in life,
We are lover or friend?
Now you broke all with knife,
The story goes to end;
There is a promise to meet again,
Or is it a lie?
Always missing you I remain,
Until I die;
To forget or to remember,
Await you I will for ever.
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for the bid

Jun 15th, 2010 2:51:27 am - Subscribe

You go to see a doctor in a hospital, probably you wanna call someone you know or you are familiar with first, letting him take you to the doctor or at least asking him to call the doctor in advance.
having been working for a company for years, and now you want to be promoted, and you know there is a good position suitbale for you. What shall you do now? do you have to buy something really good and give them to your boss? You have to consider which gift is nice, good-looking and looks valuable, so that your boss would be happy. and you would have a chance. And remember, you have to give the gift in a nice way, make sure your boss would feel comfortable and relaxed.
Cause otherwise, you may not find a fair treatment in any hopital in China. You will be like a criminal, facing the cops or the judges, and they just piss you off in the face.

We all know China is now a market economy country. We have really fast economic growth, which other countries are all jealous about. However, the admirring situation of china does have some sort of bad effecs. For instance, you won' t be able to do a business well without strong relationships in China.

You ask those bosses who are doing real estate a question: How much they need to buy over those people in charge in Beijing for the bid projects? you will know the answer, and the answer is clear.
So can you guys answer me this question: What can we do without relationships in
GO and ask somebody if you don;t believe me. I bet everybody tells you the same story, and you know the story happens in China everyday. You wanna mention about the Olympic Game 2008?
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started sobbing

Jun 15th, 2010 2:16:45 am - Subscribe

Her mother panicked. “Jenny, you must never, and I mean never,” She said in a irregular voice, “do that again! I’ve already lost your father that way and…” She realized she said something she didn’t shouldn’t of said, and she stopped.
Pidgey was just about to say: “Mommy, call me Pidgey! There are no Pidgeys around here anyway, until she realized the uncomfortable feeling of her mother. And then, she realized again, that her mother mentioned her father. It was the first time without Pidgey asking her about it.
“Mommy, tell me!” she jumped into her mother’s feathers.
Sam flew away, taking the other Pidgeys with him. Jenny stared at his back with intense hatred. At least she thought it was intense hatred. A Pidgey only three days old definitely haven’t experienced much yet.
She flew home and told her mother about the whole thing.
“It was a week before you came out of the egg…”said her mother, shedding a tear.
“Your father was a Skarmory. He was really excited about your birth and was flying around with his heavy body around the forest; and he met a Fearow. I was watching them from afar. The Fearow says that he is the leader of a community… and I saw him grab your father and take him away…” She started sobbing now, “So I had to come to this community… So don’t be rude to the leaders! I’ve already lost your father… and I can’t afford to lose you!” She gave a loud cry. Pidgey’s cheek was wet from her tears, too. They snuggled closer together
I heard that the Fearow say that Skarmory bumped into him, but Skarmory didn’t agree, and told Fearow to get out of the way.
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white figure

Jun 14th, 2010 6:27:43 am - Subscribe

They were tired from the everlasting flight; but they could not rest, as the fate of all of the Bird Pokémon depended on them.
It was a long journey to the protectors of the vast land. They heard that two legendary Pokémon are needed to deal with this dangerous situation.
The sky was a light blue. The sun shined though the fluffy clouds, and on to the green grass below.
In the fresh air, there were four birds. They flied elegantly through the air at a high speed. They knew what type of mission they had on their backs. They knew it was their responsibility as the leaders of a flock of birds. They knew something had to be done about this.
They had faced many difficulties. They came They did not know what a dangerous position they had been put into. They were pushing each other into abyss.
A red and white figure floated into their vision…
The four of them did not know what she would do to help them.
Nevertheless, they swiftly approached her without any caution
through it. They hoped they would go through the difficulties in the future.
But they had no idea how dangerous the events would be.
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will shy

Jun 11th, 2010 3:48:42 am - Subscribe

With that kind of attitude and interaction with the English language, what can one expect?

if I have posted new articles in the forum asked me why I had stopped writing,An advanced student of mine who visits my forum regularly to see.

Well, the answer is not an easy one. I approach English coaching in China with mixed feelings. I can be jumping up and down or shouting all day to provide tips on learning English. However, all my advices are falling on deaf ears.

Simply put, Chinese English learners shy away from reading things in English. When they look at the snake like long sentences, they will shy away at once.

An English teacher friend of mine has been telling me for the past 6 years that she wants to do postgraduate studies on English teaching and she will come to be often asking me for a voice chat to practice her spoken English. When I asked her what she has done in the past day, week or month in connection with English reading, speaking or learning, she gave me an answer that I don't have to repeat here.
That should give you good enough hints on how to talk.

Our English users always talk too short. A simple "Yes" or "No" is given to a question. That's far from adequate to demonstrate to the examiner that you can use English freely.

So, please go over the conversation transcripts in detail to learn how to talk in a way that will get you higher scores in IELTS
Here is a good example on how one is expected to talk for the IELTS Speaking paper for your reference. There are 20 pages in an Acrobat format file.
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