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bitterxded meh - Subscribe
tounge.gif brownies, baby! im makin brownies, do do do! so i drove to my cuzins house in my drivers ed car and when we got there we stopped next to the fence and i pointed to the house and sed, "Thats my cuzins house". my instructor goes "...where?"....dumbass. who doesnt see a gian ass house next to their car?? and then i told my cuzin and she like "Oh my mom sed someone was out front today".....can u not see the giant yellow sign on the car sayin, "DRIVERS ED STUDENT"? good lord, sum ppl man, i tell ya.
Mood: agitated

bitterxded damn drivers ed Jul 7th, 2005 4:10:40 pm - Subscribe
angry.gif im so pissed!! i got a flat tire in drivers ed!! GAH! its not my fault...the curb moved!! and it was right in front of some REALLY EXTREMELY hot construction workers and one was like, "Ur on the rim!"....yea no shit. hes lucky he was hot or i woulda got a serious attitude! wink.gif lol luckily i passed my tes so i still get my permit, gotta go to a meeting to nite tho and get a certificate. then im goin to my cuzins house, yay! and she has my cd done, YAYER!
Mood: fuzzled...its a word!

bitterxded I <3 Kittie!!..agree?...u better.. Jul 9th, 2005 6:50:49 pm - Subscribe
yea dont ask about the subject, i just couldnt think of ne thing else. so my day was just a blast and a half. went to my gramps w/ my cuzin and uncle (and my step dad came too, went home w/ him) we watched grind and listened to kittie (meow) lol thats my sex noise, forget the stupid moo!! havent talked to mike...thankfully, hes annoying..but yea. then i got to drive home cuz i got my frickin permit finally! (despite the flat tire on the drivers ed car). i noticed a lot of ppl (well myabe not A LOT) always write about their sadness and misery and woe...its ok to feel sad, i used to feel sad all the time and it sucked donkeys! take sum happy pills, no one is going to like u if ur sad and depressed all the time...but if ur the kind of person that wants to be left alone and likes to be sad then go hide in ur corner of misery, im gunna go dance my ass in the rain! tounge.gif
Mood: GAH!!...pft, dont ask

bitterxded alo! Jul 9th, 2005 7:00:19 pm - Subscribe
i dont kno why im writing, im just bored and i want ppl to freakin comment! lol im desperate!!...not really. i miss vanessa i was supposed to call her like 6 days ago.

Do you ever wish there was 2 of u? just to have sumone exactly like u that u could have fun with no matter wut? i love my friends very much but sumtimes things i would like to do, i cant imagine them doing. i mean if my friends wont, who will? who am i supposed to take with me if i wanna go bungee jumping or sky diving? i dont like to do things by myself, so wut do i do?...i want sumone to understand me, sumone just like me.
Mood: all alone, maybe?

bitterxded SLIP N SLIDE! Jul 10th, 2005 8:18:18 pm - Subscribe
tounge.gif went to my dads to get all our stuff for the rummage sale and realized i still had my slip n slide! so when we got it home, i set it up and let it go! but it was kinda late and wasnt even hot out anymore but it was SOOO much fun! my mom even went on it. of course by like the 3rd slide, the pool at the end had one deflated side yet it kept water in it really well. See, who needs a big ol fancy pool when u can have fun slippin 'n' slidin in sum refreshing icy water? lol cool.gif

Make summer as fun as u possibly can, if u dont have ne thing to do, make sumtin to naked in your house to ur favorite song if u want, just have as much fun as u possibly can cuz sooner or later, ur gunna have to work all the time...and that sux..unless mayeb u work at a water park, that could be fun.
Mood: fun