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[ Subject | The kind of song that makes people glad to be where they are, with whoever their there with... ]
[ Date | Feb 2nd, 2005 10:08:17 pm - Subscribe ]
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peLast two days have been pretty uneventful...

Yesterday: Savannah's mom suggested that I should move out of Sarah's locker, and into hers, so i thought that was a good idea, so i did it. I did it at lunch while Sarah was right there...i think i made her mad, but...like she's never made me mad?!
Then she had to tell on us about it..So during Biology i got called down to the office, and so did Savannah, and Mr. Clark talked to us about what's been goin on, and Sarah tried to blame me for some drink spilling in our locker...when SHE'S the one who puts water bottles up there...not me. So, yeah, she tried to blame that on me to.

Then she wrote me a note today. She was saying that she was sorry that she took it to Mr. Clark, and she said the only reason she did it was because she didn't want to have to pay the $100 fine for the water damage to the books.
So then why was Savannah there? If she went there JUST to get rid of the fine, then Savannah wouldn't have been there...she had nothing to do with that. So what'd she really tell him..?
Gah, the whole situation is stupid. Ima write her back tonight though, not sure what ima say...but, iunno. The rest of the note said that she wants us to talk again and stuff and that she didn't mean to make us angry.

Gah. And today we had that fashion show in Spanish class...so yeah, i got into my stoopid dress, and came back to class, and my partner was like "uhh...yeah, i forgot to bring the paper. Sorry." so I got dressed for nothing, which pissed me off. Damn you Kevin!

We had a half day today. Me, Ryley, Ryan, and Mike all went down to Sonic to get some food, and I saw Jon there...he looks...different, It's so weird. He used to be this little emo kid who wore girl pants and tight clothes, and was straight edge, and now...now it's just bad. hes all obsessed with Korn and Disturbed, and where's like, baggy black clothes, and smokes. It's dissapointing...and somewhat sad =/ But, seeing him brought back a lot of memories...that was one of my only relationship besides the wonderful one I'm in now that worked for quite a while...so, yeah it was just weird.

Then me and Ryley came back to mi casa. He played on the internet..and then i fell asleep for like...an hour and a half. then i woke up, and we played on da internet some more. Then we ordered some chinese food..it was pretty good. Then we played video games and layed down with each other for about 15 minutes, then he had to go home.

yeah, so...that's how my last 2 days have been!
If you have AIM...hit me up!: LetxMeOut

Oh yeah! Sunday night I dyed my hair black! I'll put pics up when I get my digital camera shtuff back.
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[ Subject | Your tears are only alibis to prove you still feel.. ]
[ Date | Jan 31st, 2005 10:51:52 pm - Subscribe ]
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yeah, so, i've been doin pretty good on keeping updated. whoo hoo. go me.
Yeah, well, friday i think it was. Sarahs boyfriend friggin...had to make things worse between everyone by being a complete jackass. here's the story!

Where my locker is, it's like a little 'cubby' and me and Savannah decided to sit there and eat lunch, where sarah and pat usually do, but..they wern't there, so we decided to sit down. Then Pat (sarahs bf) comes up, and his locker is right next to mine, so he opens it up and is like, putting his stuff away, and hes hitting savannah with his back pack and shoving his ass in our faces, and we're just like wtf..? then Sarah (i think) said somfin like "do you wanna go sit somewhere else.." and he said somfin like (i think) "no this is fine." knowing damn well he was doing that just to be a jackass. so we were all cramped up in that stupid cubby, and it was awkward as FUCK, and Sarah said she doesn't realize why we think Pat's such an asshole. right there. perfect example. And she didn't even say anything about it, or try to apologize for his naive stupid actions. grr.

Yeah, anywho. School...In Spanish, we have to do this STUPID fashion show thing, and i HATE that class, because i know nobody, since im the youngest, cuz most freshmen are in spanish I, not II, so they're all older, and i haven't really made any friends in there, which is fine...and so i have to wear my friggin' homecoming dress, which is dumb, because i'm shy enough in that class....so wearing something i feel uncomfortable in isn't gonna make it any better. Thank god the year is almost over.

Today in English i wrote this shiggity (which is good...) paragraph assignment thing. We had to pick one word out of this paragraph we were reading, and write about what it represents and means to us. and I saw the word happiness...(this isn't the exact paragraph..)

Hapiness is something I think everyone could find, but some people don't REALLY understand it at all... I've heard people say they're sitting at home on a saturday night watching they're favorite TV show eating they're favorite Ice Cream, and they're perfectly happy. That's not happiness. In my opinion, happiness = love. You can't be TRULY happy until you find love.

Eh, yeah it was longer but i'm getting tired.

Me and Ryley are doin good. It's almost Valentines Day...which i'm so friggin excited for. i've never had a boyfriend on Valentines day before. So, yeah, it's gonna be neeeeeeato.

blah. i'm tired. So ima go do some homework and go to bed. im outie.
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[ Subject | If it makes you less sad, I will die by your hand.. ]
[ Date | Jan 25th, 2005 9:03:44 pm - Subscribe ]
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Well, today I didn't go to school. I was...a wee bit sick. I coulda gone...but Ryley was really sick, and I didn't wanna leave him home alone with nobody to talk to, so i stayed home...
At like 10, i called my mom and was like "uh..im goin to sleep, so..DONT CALL..i dont want you to wake me up.." and she was like "okay" so now i could sneak over to Ryleys and not worry about her calling and me not being home to answer....
So I went to his house, and hung out until two and then walked home. Rest of the day was pretty boring. I did find out some news that made me cry though..
I was eating dinner, and my mom was telling me the situation with my baby cousin.
Background info on him: Hes a little bit over 1, and was born with down syndrome, and has been struggling for his life since he was born.
So, she told me they found out he now has Lukemia, which fuckin' SUCKS, because it's a really bad kind...
only 30 people EVERY YEAR are diagnosed with it..do you know how small the chances are of someone getting that? And he's had such a bad year...and my aunts been having a rough year, so, yeah, that made me pretty damn...'emotional' i guess you could say. So they're gonna do chemotherapy for a while, and then take a spinal fluid test thing to see if the chemo has helped. If the lukemia was spotted early enough [which they THINK it was, not sure though] then theres an 85% chance he'll be okay. If it's too late...then, there's nothing they can do about it. WHICH SUCKS sad.gif I guess all I can do is hope for the best...
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[ Subject | You\'ve gotta find a brand new hero... ]
[ Date | Jan 23rd, 2005 7:02:59 pm - Subscribe ]
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Jeezus, i suck. I haven't updated in so long. JUST EFFING KILL ME.
Anyway. let's see, what's new...

hmm, first off my mom's been in mexico for 10 days. she gets back tonight...in about an hour and a half actually. so that's cool i guess. she left me wif $160...and i have 22 left. i did better then i thought ^_^. i'm ready for her to come home i guess though...im sorta sick of the lady that's watching me....

Me and ryley are doin good...i didn't get to see him all weekend, so that kinda sucks, but we're good. no problems yet...except for a few minor arguments, but those don't matter. I got him to put on some girl pants and one of my shirts. shit i liked that. i'll put a pic at the bottom of this blog. OH MY JEEZUS...ryley just showed up at my house a few minutes ago to pick up his back-pack. and oh my god. he looked so hawt...eye liner...sexy hair. DO THAT EVERY EFFING DAY RYLEY. <3

Friends: There aren't many o.0 Me and Sarah are getting on better terms i guess...i tried to help fix things a few nights ago, and she sorta blew up on me. last night she said she was just having a bad week though, and we had a somewhat conversation...just small talk. there wasn't any arguing though..so that's good. it kinda really sucks us not talking..sometimes i just wanna call her up and tell her shit that's been bothering me. it's harder to tell Savannah stuff then it is Sarah... =/

School: Eh, it's school. so how good can it get? its alright though. i've made some of my classes for next year...chemistry, formal geomotry...sounds like tons of fun. meh. we got this new 'juggalo' ICP lover kid...its so fun to laugh at him. teehee.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. nuffin exciting...now for new pictures!!!!

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[ Subject | The pictures far too big to look at kid, your eyes won\'t open wide enough... ]
[ Date | Jan 8th, 2005 12:50:00 pm - Subscribe ]
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Hmm...yet again, long time no post. Its finally the weekend...wo0t. Ryley stayed the night last night...i can't believe my mom let him! He was gonna sleep in my bed until 6 and then go sleep in the other room where he was supposed to so my mom wouldn't flip out...but my mom checked on us at like 4, and saw us sleeping together...suprisingly she didn't mind too much.
I think I might go to that Taste of Chaos tour with my cousin..just so I can see The Used and Saosin. I haven't been to a concert in a while..it's time again.
I might go see White noise today...Ryley likes movies like that, so we might go see it. It looks alright I guess...I'm a sucker for horror's though..i scream and jump and stupid stuff. heh, i'm a loser =P
I got my grades yesterday...2 C's and a C-...my mom got uber pissed, so she said next weekend i'm grounded..no phone, no comp, no anything. That weekends gonna suck. a lot. I guess I better get a book..?
My friend Savannah's all mad at Sarah because of Pat..I guess I can see why, and she wrote Sarah a note telling her EXACTLY how she feels...I'm not sure how Sarah took it..I haven't talked to her. I don't really talk to her at all anymore...oh well?
Hmm...well, i'm outie...I made a new AIM sn, so add me bitches!
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