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[ Subject | The kind of song that makes people glad to be where they are, with whoever their there with... ]
[ Date | Feb 2nd, 2005 10:08:17 pm - Subscribe ]
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peLast two days have been pretty uneventful...

Yesterday: Savannah's mom suggested that I should move out of Sarah's locker, and into hers, so i thought that was a good idea, so i did it. I did it at lunch while Sarah was right there...i think i made her mad, but...like she's never made me mad?!
Then she had to tell on us about it..So during Biology i got called down to the office, and so did Savannah, and Mr. Clark talked to us about what's been goin on, and Sarah tried to blame me for some drink spilling in our locker...when SHE'S the one who puts water bottles up there...not me. So, yeah, she tried to blame that on me to.

Then she wrote me a note today. She was saying that she was sorry that she took it to Mr. Clark, and she said the only reason she did it was because she didn't want to have to pay the $100 fine for the water damage to the books.
So then why was Savannah there? If she went there JUST to get rid of the fine, then Savannah wouldn't have been there...she had nothing to do with that. So what'd she really tell him..?
Gah, the whole situation is stupid. Ima write her back tonight though, not sure what ima say...but, iunno. The rest of the note said that she wants us to talk again and stuff and that she didn't mean to make us angry.

Gah. And today we had that fashion show in Spanish class...so yeah, i got into my stoopid dress, and came back to class, and my partner was like "uhh...yeah, i forgot to bring the paper. Sorry." so I got dressed for nothing, which pissed me off. Damn you Kevin!

We had a half day today. Me, Ryley, Ryan, and Mike all went down to Sonic to get some food, and I saw Jon there...he looks...different, It's so weird. He used to be this little emo kid who wore girl pants and tight clothes, and was straight edge, and now...now it's just bad. hes all obsessed with Korn and Disturbed, and where's like, baggy black clothes, and smokes. It's dissapointing...and somewhat sad =/ But, seeing him brought back a lot of memories...that was one of my only relationship besides the wonderful one I'm in now that worked for quite a while...so, yeah it was just weird.

Then me and Ryley came back to mi casa. He played on the internet..and then i fell asleep for like...an hour and a half. then i woke up, and we played on da internet some more. Then we ordered some chinese food..it was pretty good. Then we played video games and layed down with each other for about 15 minutes, then he had to go home.

yeah, so...that's how my last 2 days have been!
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Oh yeah! Sunday night I dyed my hair black! I'll put pics up when I get my digital camera shtuff back.
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February 15th, 2005 | xnintendox
avatar Hey! Your avatar cought my eye. FFTL <3 Oh how they rock, \\m/ hehe I get to see them march tenth, anywho, awesome band, and that is all. Take care!
- sarah <3


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