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"......Such a lonely day." Feb 20th, 2006 2:26:17 pm - Subscribe
Current Emotion | unworthy
I[heart]emo[music] | I'm just sitting in my car waiting for my girl...

Ok. So I haven't completely fallen off the edge of the world yet. In other words... I'm back. Sorry I haven't updated in months... I'm more partial to other online journals, such as my xanga at www.xanga.com/justalittleunwell
and myspace www.myspace.com/flute_loops

Yeah. I don't know really what to say... things are great and they're fucked up all at the same time. I mean I'm happy... I really am, but there's something wrong, it's in the air. I'm breathing it in slowly and every breath is sweet and rich in death. My vision isn't perfect and my head is clouded. I don't understand this eery change...

why does my head feel so fuzzy? Why do I feel so burnt out?

It could be school. I really want to take a quarter off... but I really don't want to leave my friends here in Cincinnati. I'm doing just fine in all my classes... I don't understand why I don't enjoy what I'm doing.

It could be I've smoked myself retarded. lol. It happens sometimes I guess... but I feel this is something more than that.

It could be relationship confusion... but I keep that stuff to myself. After all... a secret can only be kept between two people... if one is dead. I just can't trust anyone... Anymore, my best friend seems to be myself because I'm the only one there for me.

well... enough gibberish. I guess it's back to writing some java codes... fucking college courses.

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