the best movie of all time
Date: Sep 19th, 2006 8:10:43 pm - Subscribe
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im a movie fan of course, and i know how monotonous movies today can be but once i saw the trailer to this movie my mind was made up. I'VE GOT TO SEE THIS MOVIE AND YOU SHOULD TOO.


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Date: Sep 16th, 2006 11:44:06 am - Subscribe

Why can't i walk down a street free of suggestion?
Is my body the only trait in the eye's of men?
I've got some skin
You want to look in
There lays no reward in what you discover
You spent yourself watching me suffer
Suffer you words, suffer your eyes, suffer your hands
Suffer your interpretation of what it is to be a man
I've got some skin
You want to look in
She does nothing to deserve it
He only wants to observe it
We sit back like they taught us
We keep quiet like they taught us
He just wants to prove it
She does nothing to remove it
We don't want anyone to mind us
So we play the roles that they assigned us
She does nothing to conceal it
He touches her 'cause he wants to feel it
We blame her for being there
But we are all guilty
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And the same...
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Yes I know this is politically correct
But it comes to you spiritually direct
An attempt to thoughtfully affect your way of thinking
That is if you believe in race
Or that you were born in the right time or place
That is a thought about face your way of thinking
Your way of...
And the same could be said for all the people lying dead
For them to die was a distraction
And what they found out a bit too late
Got covered up with all that hate
And now it's nothing but reaction.
If you have to carry a gun
To keep your fragile seat at number one
This is a bullet you can't outrun...
Your way of thinking
So wait and see it's coming round
Conscripted through the lost and found
And still we find so tightly wound...
Your way of thinking your way of...
And the same could be said for all the people lying dead
For them to die was a distraction
And what they found a bit too late
Got covered up with all that hate
And now it's nothing but reaction
Action. Reaction. Action.
Action. Reaction. Action.
Action. Action. Action. Action. Reaction.

These song lyrics are by Fugazi. and although they could really mean anything i think within the context of their own ideas and after watching Instrument somewhere in the vicinity of three times this past weekend i'd have to say this song is about how dangerous misconceptions/preconceptions are to the people around us and especially the people to whom we have a close connection/ those we care about the most.
Wrapped in a casing of purposefully unimpressive guitar chords and noise, our attention is toward race, historical and economic status (and by no means ruling out religious differences) "That is if you believe" in any of that stuff you should pay special attention to how your beliefs affects your own thoughts and in turn affects those around you.
Thinking about civil wars; race wars in our own country and the people-dividing ever-increasing gulf of economy here in America, it is plain to see that events of today are only reactions to misconceptions of people in a past history of this country. Now, if in anyway you can conjure up a reason to believe any of those things makes you better than anyone else outside of your racial/historical/economic/religious "circle;" your "map," the realization of that should be enough to correct this gravely sick error. If not, your actions will not be actions but merely reactions. thats the rutt out of which we all have to climb.
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LG15 (uh oh)
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I just think this is great. I think it's much more awesome to find out LG15 was an actress the whole time. I might add, it was/is very creative and unfortunately the recent news that the entire program was a farce will most certainly put a damper on people's perspective of what they view online (or it most certainly should). According to it was all just an experiment in storytelling. which is fine by me.
seems the entire problem arose when a couple of viewers/ just a few people began to question the validity of "Bree's" existance.
apparently some people cant handle it.
I think it's pretty sly
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meet william elliot whitmore
Date: Sep 11th, 2006 2:38:33 pm - Subscribe
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