Date: Sep 12th, 2005 10:40:25 pm - Subscribe
Mood: jovial

Seriously, this site should have kept the name of emoblog. Mostly all of the ones I read are emo and friggin depressing. And if there's two things in this world I can't stand, it's whiners and drama queens (the list could go on, but we only live so long). School and work is keeping my social life down so I don't have as much time anymore to do diabolical schemes and petty thefts so I'll leave it up to everyone else to keep things interesting in this more than deadbeat town.

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silentjade - September 12th, 2005
i also think they should have kept the name too. also i cant ever say aeonity. im still trying to figure it out. ITS PISSING ME OFF!!!

mickey_d - September 13th, 2005
hmm.....goodpoint, how the heck do you pronouce aeonity?

And if there's two things in this world i can't stand - ...umm, sounding kind of hypocritical there


alley - November 17th, 2005
Why did they change it? ... sorry, I haven't been here like forever ..lol


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