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bolinglife Swiss Movement: Diamond Hummer Watch From TechnoMarine - Subscribe
Swiss Movement: Diamond Hummer Watch From TechnoMarine
Swiss watchmaker of TechnoMarine men's watch has introduced a lavish gem-encrusted edition of its Hummer-TechnoMarine brand watch. While the standard Hummer XS Magnum Square timepiece retails for $1,495, the new Diamond Hummer TechnoMarine designer watch model will fetch a cool $5,500.

The XS Magnum Square model of TechnoMarine replica watch is a stainless steel chronograph with a black rubber strap that has been cleverly molded to resemble all-terrain tire treads.

The high-zoot version comes with 2.5 carats of full-cut TechnoMarine white diamonds watch, and the strap has been upgraded to white rubber. To show off your fancy timepiece, TechnoMarine world watch also throws in a leather-lined wooden case.

The company's line of Hummer TechnoMarine luxury watch starts at $895.

What this means to you: We can see the advertising slogan now,TechnoMarine diamond watch— "Diamonds in the rough."
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bolinglife Tissot Watches May 24th, 2009 4:26:40 pm - Subscribe
Tissot Watches

Danica Patrick, who has been a brand ambassador for Tissot AAA Watches since 2005, endeared herself to the world by becoming the first woman ever to win a race in the sport of U.S. open-wheeled racing by clinching her victory in the Japan 300.

She also entered the annals of Tissot Luxury Watches history by becoming the first female U.S. “Ambassador” for Tissot. And last Friday, May 16, to honor Danica, Franois Thiébaud, President of Tissot Replica Watches Worldwide presented the racecar driver with the Tissot AAA Watches PRC 100 Danica Patrick Limited Edition.The watch, which will start selling this month at authorized Tissot Luxury Watches retailers for $795, includes 27 glittering diamonds on a mother-of-pearl dial.“Danica is an exceptional race car driver, athlete and a fantastic role model for both men and women around the globe. We are happy and proud to have her represent our brand in addition to being an integral part of the Tissot Swiss Watches family. Danica’s determination led to her historic first win and she fits perfectly with the brand’s values of innovation, quest for performance and stretching oneself to the limits. It is these common features that produce a truly successful collaboration between Danica and buy Tissot AAA Watches,” said Fran?ois Thiébaud, President of Tissot Worldwide.The relationship with Danica highlight’s Tissot Luxury Watches products and the brand. The marketing campaign will continue to feature Danica’s image in all stores that carry Tissot Swiss Watches products, print ads and billboards.

“Time is an important part of my world. Tissot Replica Watches and I share many of the same values. That is why my partnership with them has been so successful. I am thrilled to be continuing our collaboration and proud to be representing the brand that offers products that reflect me and my style,” said Danica Patrick.

As part of the May 16, 2008 ceremonies, Tissot AAA Watches also extended Danica Patrick’s contract as a brand ambassador for two more years.
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bolinglife Bvlgari From Greek to Roman to Worldwide Luxury God May 24th, 2009 4:28:29 pm - Subscribe
Bvlgari – From Greek to Roman to Worldwide Luxury God

Bvlgari is recognized as one of the leading luxury jewelers in the world. Their jewelry made a name for them and since their beginning they have also moved into offering a full collection of Bvlgari swiss watches, handbags, fragrances, accessories and even hotels.

The Bvlgari luxury swiss watchesname is written with the “v” in place of the “u” in classic ancient Roman style and comes from the name of the founder, a Greek man named Sotirios Vulgaris (1857-1932). Mr. Vulgaris began as a jeweler in his home village Paramythia (Epirus, Greece). He opened his first retail location there, where it still stands and operates today. He left Greece in 1877 for Corfu and then Naples, before settling in Rome where he founded the Bvlgari expensive watches Company. The first official Bvlgari fake watches boutique opened on via Sistina in 1884.

Years later in 1904, the current flagship store was opened on via dei Condotti by the master jeweler and his two sons, Constantino (1889-1973) and Giorgio (1890-1966). Bvlgari men watches received a warm reception; in little time, it became successful and world renowned. The wealthy and famous came to Bvlgari for the unique, high quality designs combining Greek and Roman art.

Years passed and the company continued on successfully gaining notoriety even after the passing of the Sotirios Vulgaris in 1932. Son Giorgio passed away in 1966 prior to Bvlgari swiss watches expanding internationally. In the 1970s, boutiques were opened in key luxury markets in New York City, Paris, Geneva and Monte Carlo. The company was passed on to the grandchildren of Sotirios, Paolo and Nicola Bulgari, in 1984.

Paolo and Nicola were named Chairman and Vice-Chairman, respectively, while nephew Francesco Trapani was named chief executive officer. Trapani diversified the company in the early 1990s with the introduction of the Bvlgari replica watches perfume line. The new millennium brought a partnership between Bvlgari expensive watches and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company to found the Bvlgari Hotels and Resorts opening the doors, literally, to the first Bvlgari hotel in Milan in 2004. A second Bvlgari hotel quickly followed in 2006 in the exotic and splendid Bali. Currently, there are over 230 retail Bvlgari fake watches locations including Beverly Hills, Bal Harbours, Boston, Chicago, Costa Mesa, Dallas, Honolulu, Houston, Las Vegas, Orlando, Palm Beach, San Francisco, and Waikiki and most recently, Scottsdale, Arizona, a growing luxury retail hotspot.

One of the prime and largest turnover products – a striking 26% turnover – for Bvlgari men watches is their watches. Headquartered in Neuchatel, Switzerland, Bvlgari swiss watches Time develops its own calibers and parts, including highly complicated mechanisms and basic calibers. At BaselWorld 2006, Bvlgari unveiled the complicated Assioma Multi-Complication watch featuring a tourbillion, perpetual calendar and second time zone.
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bolinglife Juicy Couture 'Daisy' Daydreamer Tote May 24th, 2009 4:28:55 pm - Subscribe
Juicy Couture 'Daisy' Daydreamer Tote

This Juicy Couture ladies bag takes red, olive, white and about 3 clashing shades of pink, muddles them all together and regurgitates them to come up with this er, 'Daydreamer' tote (more like nightmare, wouldn't you say?)

Pink is usually nice and flowers can be quite pretty too. But is this Juicy Couture fashion bag a classic case of too-much-going-on? And even without all the bells and whistles (or in this case, charms, tassels and bows) could this Juicy Couture authentic bag be rescued? Bear in mind it's also velour - I forgot to mention that part didn't I?

Other Juicy Couture replica bags for choice:

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bolinglife Marc Jacobs The Single Evening Bag May 24th, 2009 4:29:17 pm - Subscribe
Marc Jacobs The Single Evening Bag

Has anyone noticed that this season, among the multi-thousand dollar bags and over-the-top looks, Marc Jacobs luxury handbag has quietly released several simpler, more classic Marc Jacobs designer handbag that retail below (and sometimes well below) a thousand dollars? You have to look hard for them because most website don’t feature the less expensive, less showy Marc Jacobs fashion handbag, but they’re there. Not only do I think it’s fantastic that a designer doesn’t take themselves so seriously that they can’t make something less expensive, but it’s nice to see someone ACKNOWLEDGE the current economic climate.

We’ve talked a bit about it in the comments of a few previous posts, and I think a designer coming out with a small group of lower-priced Marc Jacobs ladies handbag along with their normally high prices is a great way to remain inclusive of their customers whose financial situation may be temporarily suffering. My favorite of these less-expensive bags is the Marc Jacobs The Single Evening Bag. I can’t help but think that, in seasons past, this Marc Jacobs replica handbag would have been in the $775 price range, if not a couple hundred dollars more, but now we’ve got it for the reasonable price of $294. It comes in a variety of colors, but the metallic pink is so fun and works well for a small evening Marc Jacobs authentic handbag. Plus, it’d spice up any black outfit in a heartbeat and be a great addition to satisfy the current neon trend. I think the lower-priced Marc Jacobs replica handbag are a great idea, and this is cute no matter the price tag. Buy through for $294.
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