The Horror of Our Love.
Date: Jun 11th, 2008 9:10:50 pm - Subscribe
Mood: masochistic
music: The Horror of Our Love - Ludo

I wanted to post the lyrics to this song because it's probably one of my favorites right now. I you get a chance you should totally check it/them out.

The Horror of Our Love
by Ludo

I'm a killer
Cold and wrathful
Silent sleeper
I've been inside your bedroom
I've murdered half the town
Left you love notes on their headstones
I'll fill the graveyards
Until I have you

Moonlight walking
I smell your softness
Carnivorous and lusting
To track you down among the pines
I want you stuffed into my mouth
Hold you down and tear you open
Live inside you
Oh, love I'd never hurt you

But I'll grind against your bones
Until our marrows mix
I will eat you slowly
The horror of our love
Never so much blood pulled through my veins
The horror of our love
Never so much blood

I wake in terror
Blackbirds screaming
Dark cathedrals spilling
Midnight on their alters
I'm your servant
My immortal
Pale and perfect
Such unholy heaving
The statues close their eyes
The room is changing
Break my skin
And drain me

Ancient language
Speak through fingers
The awful edges
Where you end and I begin
Inside your mouth
I cannot see
There's catastrophe
In everything I'm touching
As I sweat and crush you

And I hold your beating chambers
Until they beat no more
You die like angels sing
The horror of our love
Never so much blood pulled through my veins
The horror of our love
Never so much blood

You're a ghost, love
Nightgown flowing
Your body blue and walking
Along the continental shelf
You are a dream among the sharks
Beautiful and terrifying
Living restless
We dance in dark suspension

And you bury me
In the ocean floor beneath you
Where they'll never hear us scream
The horror of our love
Never so much blood pulled through my veins
The horror of our love
Never so much blood
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Date: Apr 10th, 2008 12:03:46 pm - Subscribe
Mood: liberated
music: 10 Years - Wasteland

Why is it that man needs a God? Can man not just simply exist and be entirely free and ultimately responsible? In the end all man does is simply exist....
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What is this curious feeling...
Date: Apr 8th, 2008 2:59:15 pm - Subscribe
Mood: confuzzled
music: Staind - Price to Pay

After my last relationship I told myself I wouldn't put myself out there again. Yet here I am with all these feeling and I have no idea how to tell this person... We talked about it yesterday, I never let anything really come out and he understands. The unfortunate thing is that he's in North Carolina and I'm here in Missouri, although we talk nearly every day. I suppose that's really all there is to say...
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I wear my sunglasses at night...
Date: Jan 29th, 2008 2:25:24 am - Subscribe
Mood: fake
music: Incubus - Love Hurts

I guess I can finally say things are working out for the best. I'm told I seem a lot happier now, personally I can't tell. I have the best friend's anyone could ask for (you know who you are). I should be starting my guitar lessons soon; I'm just waiting for Sera and Chris to get settled in to their new place before we start.

I have a pretty decent job at Office Max right now and work with some great guys (that can't believe just how geeky I am). This summer I'm going to try the whole two job thing, which could be rather interesting since the two jobs are two hours apart. Most of the management at White Water is demanding I come back and have already put me on the schedule; therefore Office Max will have to figure out how to live without me for a few days a week.

I suppose I could go on ranting and making no sense at all but I'm sure you all are bored with what I have to say.

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Family Ties
Date: Nov 6th, 2007 7:36:57 pm - Subscribe
Mood: pissed off
music: Pretty Handsome Awkward - The Used

In July I lost my 93 year old great grandfather, the trust has been in my great-aunt's hands now for four months and she has yet to see that anyone beside her, her brother (my grandpa), her children, get what is entitled to them. To add to it my dad and his brother recent started speaking again after years of their mother tearing them apart. Now that bitch is trying to get in the middle again by not inviting me, my dad, and my mom to a birthday party she threw for my grandfather when all the other family members were invited. I don't understand why a mother would do this to her family. I feel bad for my mom because she thinks that it's her fault that dad wasn't invited. I've decided I am just going to separate myself from her just like I did my Grandfather Mobley.
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