The Heat is On
Date: Apr 21st, 2006 3:32:57 pm - Subscribe

I would have maintenance come to check the air conditioning. I would contact central office to get a summer work order turned in to repair the air conditioner. I would agree that the school would probably be too hot to work in, but that I would get the matter addressed as soon as possible. Often times, if maintenance can not fix something, a local company is under contract with the district. The air conditioner needs to be repaired before school begins anyway and should not be a problem to get repaired. Be sure central office is aware of the problem before calling any outside company.
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Barbara Shouldn't Be Promoted
Date: Apr 21st, 2006 3:27:16 pm - Subscribe

If the parent is initiating the child be retained, the parent can request the child to be held back. I would let the counselor speak with the parent about the pros and cons of retaining a child. If the child is a young 3rd grader, one year of maturity and reinforcement could be beneficial. I would ask the diagnostician to check to see if there had been other concerns previously about Barbara. I would ask the parent to please give the counselor and the diagnostician time to determine if there really is a concern before considering holding the child back. Barbara might have learning difficulties that could be addressed with S.E. or dyslexic programs.
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Teacher in a Rut
Date: Apr 19th, 2006 4:05:18 pm - Subscribe

Mrs. McFarland seems to be a respected teacher. However, someitmes teachers get comfortable doing the same thing year after year and need a change of pace to become more creative. She seems to enjoy teaching, but the change might be good for her. Even though she has taught the same grade for 15 years, she might be more productive and excited to try something new. I would speak to her to find out her views on topics in the grade I am considering. This might spark some thinking and lead to a positive change. ther are teachers though that are just buying time to retire. She does not seem to be that kind because she is still working hard. There are only so many ways for someone to come up with before ideas start repeating themselves. Maybe she would enjoy the change in order to try new things. I would not make anything final until I spoke with her.
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What's the Matter with Craig?
Date: Apr 19th, 2006 3:59:43 pm - Subscribe
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I would ask to attend one of the planning meetings. In my teaching experience, the team has to fill out minutes to document attendance, discussions and any important information discussed. I would review the minutes and determine how freguently Craig had attended the meetings. If documentation supports the attendance issue, I would speak with Craig to find out what could be going on. Apparently this has been going on for sometime for the teachers to request not being on the same team next year. Why had I not been informed earlier or is this something that has recently came about. If the issue is really non negotiable, I would consider moving teams around to try to break the tension for next year. Sometimes personalities just do not mesh.
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Health Hazard
Date: Apr 19th, 2006 3:53:22 pm - Subscribe

I would inform Mrs. Penn that I could not use this information to discriminate against Mr. Wonderful. I feel that Mrs. Penn is breaking confidentiality laws and would pass the information on to the superintendent. I do not feel that it is an area that can be addressed over the phone with Mrs. Penn. I would thank her for her concern, but I would not add any other information inthe phone call. The superintendent and the school board have final say in contract renewals and my job is to determine the effectiveness of thier teaching, and recommend contract renewal based on performance.
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