Update 13.04.08
Apr 8th, 2013 10:43:02 am - Subscribe
Due to problems with the cms, the most recent update is posted on new subreddit


It's been a long time since last update, so I'm rolling a quick update on progress I've made.

work in progress as can be clearly seen

I'm continuing to implement more elements and I'm working on fixing font positioning issue

There is a problem though I don't think I will be able to solve though, and that is minimap scaling, or rather elements around minimap, because minimap will scale on it's own, these elements scale with interface, so in order to scale down the interface, the minimap will have to be scaled. There is a workaround - offsets that can be applied to teamportraits and clock, but it requires a bit of tinkering for an user which is not the best sollution. I really like the current positioning though and I don't feel like changing it, even if it will cause some limitations.

Also another news - I contacted Riot support about allowance to use the mod. Result can be seen on the top of the page after clicking "Riot policy on cosmetic mods". grin.gif
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13.03.18 update
Mar 18th, 2013 12:16:23 pm - Subscribe
Started Implementing

ingame screenshot (1280x720)

* Implemented Minimap

Download update 13.05.18 for testing
from localhostr

Installation Guide
(for Skin Installer Ultimate)
0. In SIU Install Preferences (Options>Edit Install Preferences) check "Install Menu and Text Mods". Make sure no UI mods are installed when testing, if so, please disable them
1. Extract archive
2. Drag all extracted files into SIU
* There should appear dialog windows with combo boxes. In both windows options with "hud2012" in path should be selected. If there are duplicates, the higher version number should be chosen.
* Accept all in dialog boxes, name the mod "Morhaq UI", and install it.
* Once installed youre ready to go. Create custom game, start it and play around. Make screenshot and post it in comment to current update.
3. Once youre done, uninstall the mod and enable previously disabled mods (if any)

* Slightly modify Skills Frame so the level bars don't obscure icons (and possibly cause bugs) as seen on the screenshot

I ran into few unexpected problems I don't know what's causing. Apparently texts scale differently than graphic elements. That will slow me down a lot until I get to understand the rules.

It's a progress anyways so cheers :)
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13.03.15 update
Mar 15th, 2013 10:08:58 am - Subscribe
fixed target frame and titan bar

full prewiew. graphics of visible elements are ready

* Titan Bar - fixed, looks better now
* Target Frame - fixed items

The titan bar I made yesterday looked bad. fixed it now. Also the items frames were fixed on target frame for more simplicity.

* Updating player stats graphics and hp/mp/xp bars (basically HUDLeft) - While I like the idea of having the items and stats on the left side, the current layout seems to be missing something. I might apply the changes for v2 of the HUD.
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13.03.14 update
Mar 14th, 2013 12:28:57 pm - Subscribe
Happy White Day!

13.03.14 - new titanbar

* titanbar - new graphics

Today's update features new TitanBar (which is most likely not known under this name for anyone but modders). It will contain player's score, ping and FPS.
I don't think it will be the final version

This is new site for updates. The reason why I'm migrating is I want working comments, so I can get feedback for my work, so it can get even better.

I'm still working on the site so let me know if there are any glitches.

New Points:
* There was a request to add Cyrylic to the font. I'll be sure to look into that.
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Mar 14th, 2013 5:25:03 am - Subscribe
Full Archive is available at imgur gallery

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