good... or bad???
Date: July 27 2006, 1:25 am - Subscribe
Mood: bleh...

gosh.. i dont know if its a good thing or a bad one. my hamster gave birth again. yea. AGAIN! today. just right after my transporter called, and gave me a shock, then i noticed my hamster gave birth. that explains why theres so much noise coming outta the cage just now.

it should be something good. hamster giving birth to cute little hams. but... i'm afraid if they continue giving birth, my mom will freak out. too many hamsters! and 2 cages... not enough. aih... what am i to do with those small cutie little hamster eh????
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how can i forget?!?!?!
Date: July 27 2006, 1:12 am - Subscribe
Mood: guilty?

guess what?? i forgot to call my transporter today to tell her i'm not going to school. =.=" she called yea... and i got shocked too haha. i have no idea why... i remembered to call her. but i didn't. kept forgetting. dory fish me. gosh! im feeling guilty now. how?!?! =P i made her waited in school until 2. darn. next time... i cant drag things too long. i tend to forget things too easily. ish ish...

so yeah i skipped school today =D for 2 reasons. one, sick. two, study. but guess i online more than i study haha. gosh gotto quit the habit of going online.
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finally! a sleep~
Date: July 23 2006, 4:43 am - Subscribe
Mood: wide awake O.O

after working dont know how many hours on my homeworks, i finally get to sleep!! thank God!! hahah thats because i plan to skip some work. add math file. if i were to do THAT work, only that file, will take me one whole day to complete... so nah~ lazy le... no point. its either homework or study. i rather study hehehe... trials is comin man! and i dont plan to learn from teachers those new syllabus we haven't complete. cause its kinda useless. i cant study in rushing environment. and they ARE rushing a lot! gosh! each and every one comes with a pile of homework. we aren't robots you know??? we arent superheroes or superheroins too =.="

i drank 3 cups of coffee today. from early morning 12 am plus or so, till now. yea. 3. my brother say i'm insane. mom says coffee not good. i know that. yea pretty well. i dont really enjoy drinking coffee. and no i dont get addicted to them. i drink to stay awake. thats all. no further reasons.

i dont know why. once i read a book. an uninteresting one. i tend to get sleepy. and KO. hahah not sure why. same goes to any books like comic or story books. heheh... thats why, i must say, history textbook is alwayz my effective sleeping pill. nah~ i DONT take sleeping pills. cause i dont need them. heheh i can sleep mainly anytime, but not everywhere yea. but now... seems like I am making my sleep disorder. hahah thanks to crazy teachers and trials thats coming soon. less than a month. aih aih...

i hate when my dad keeps bugging me to study and study when he even know i stayed up all night to do my homework.. gosh!! stop it or i'll seriously freak out!! my mood aint that good already and you're trying to add salt inside??? go away man!! shut up and go away!!! thats why i NEVER wanted to tell him where or what im gonna do. he... never a good listener. more to... cryptic. critizes everything. yea. EVERYTHING. gosh. hate him. not him as in my dad. him, as in his mouth.
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crazy homeworks
Date: July 22 2006, 3:47 pm - Subscribe
Mood: awake and rushin'

its 4.30 am and im not asleep yet o.O heheh... well, i made myself stay awake. by having 2 cups of coffee. the drinkable type. aih... crazy teachers. trials is coming and they are still giving us loads of homework. thats one reason why i stay awake today. ghossh i really feel like ignoring those pile of works...!! but... but.. cant~ teacher gonna minus marks T.T aiyayayayaay....

yea i know i know im insane for staying awake the whole night just to finish my homework. but i aint got any choice you know? i've not touch any books since friday evening. i drop dead on my bed for 12 hours. sleeping for 12 hours!! so now... gotto rush lu... i still got lots of works to do *sob sob*

i. am. hungry. now. stomach singing already. although i ate one squiggles... still hungry. growling. but lazy to cook le...

wonder why i am here blogging when im complaining i have lotsa work to do??? hahah need a break. or not... R.I.P. already hahah... choi choi touch wood. =P

lets just hope i dont drop dead for 12 hours again... i cant afford it... time is too precious... and too short... well, maybe at times only. hahah
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mc'd >>> kfC
Date: July 21 2006, 7:41 pm - Subscribe
Mood: =D

kfc~ its finger lickin good... hahah i went to mc'd yesterday with friends. ben, beh, and john. all pervert one =.=" hahah so should i feel dangerous going out with them ah??? =P jk jk hehe...

so, after mc'd, after eating, i went kfc with ben and beh, and eat again hahaha! its funny listening to ben and beh talk. both... jokers i must say hahah nth much there la besides i wasnt able to study THAT much and instead, having a fun time there hahah... nothing much overall i guess... i gotto go tuition now so tataz!!
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