The Heat Is On
Date: Apr 21st, 2006 11:18:57 am - Subscribe
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Well, my first reaction might be why I was recieving this call so early on a summer day, maybe it is not during my vacation! One of the fun parts of the job.
I would tell them to contact the maintanence supervisor for the district or the department head who makes these decisions for the district. If this type of support system is not in place, then I would have them contact someone in administration who can make the call to get the system worked on. If the situation calls for suspending the work until another day, I guess that will have to be done. Maybe some fans could be brought up and placed in the areas in which they are working until the system is fixed.
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Barbara Shouldn't Be Promoted
Date: Apr 21st, 2006 11:13:43 am - Subscribe
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Well, as a parent, Mrs. Marshall, can write a letter and request her daughter to ge retained in G-3. If she feels this is the best thing and truly feels her child is unable to be successful without help, then she can choose to exercise her rights as Barbara's parent.
I would be sure to talk to Mrs. Nelson and find out what her input would be, but according to the information provided it seems as though the parent has a pretty good understanding of the ability of her child. I am sure that the teacher would have information regarding any interventions that had been made or any programs that Barbara might have been recieving to help fill in her gaps. It sounds as though a meeting might need to be set up with the teacher, the parent, and myself to decide what will be the best decision for Barbara for her future in education.
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Teacher In A Rut
Date: Apr 16th, 2006 10:50:31 pm - Subscribe
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Unfortunately, I have been partnered with a teacher like this! It is a difficult situation and requires some pretty positive interaction on my part.
In my own experience the teacher I have worked with seems blind to the way she treats the students. I have a very difficult time understanding how screaming at a group of kids accomplishes anything. I don't think she even realizes her attitude towards the kids or teachers as being negative, as a matter of fact, she is quick to even point this out in other teachers. I find that rather interesting!! She always leaves at 4:00, she is quick to point out that she is not paid after that time. She rarely initiates anything fun in the classroom, it seems as long as the students are quiet and leave her alone, she doesn't seem to care if they understand or not. She seldom contributes to lesson plans, and simply walks in and asks me what we are doing today. It tends to bring everyone in the grade level down and does not promote a positive atmosphere.
This has truly posed the question for me as to what I would do as an administrator working with these types of teachers. I know a major factor to consider is to be visible and make sure the teacher knows that she is being monitored frequently. Maybe this would help her to realize that she is difficult to deal with.
I have also wondered if putting her in charge of some staff development might promote for some positive interaction, as this would compliment her on her years of experience in the given grade level. Or possibly setting her up to mentor another teacher that needed help with planning in a given area. Maybe these types of duties were enlighten her again to the fun of her job. I am not sure moving her at this point would help, as I am sure she would not feel this was a positive. Maybe by doing some of these things she would renew her excitement. If not, maybe by being a visible part of her classroom, I could come up with necessary documentation to put her on a professional growth plan that would make her change her ways. And either she will conform or find another job.
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What's the Matter with Craig?
Date: Apr 16th, 2006 10:33:28 pm - Subscribe
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Could this be a case of differences in personality? This would be the first area I would address. I would consider the teachers involved and try to form a plan of action. Before making quick judgement, I would set up a meeting with Craig and get his side of the story. I would want him to validated for his expertise and experience. I would then ask each of the other teachers specifically to provide documentation regarding their own personal take on what the true issues were here.
I would initially see this as an opportunity to work on team building within the group. I would have them work together to problem solve and figure out a way to make this a positive situation for all involved. I would offer to be a part of their meetings to encourage participation and feedback. I could see this as the women not being accepting and criticizing Craig regardless of his helpful contributions. By being a part of the team meetings, I would be able to discover some strategies that might help to bring this group back together as a team. If this did not work, maybe moving one of the team members into another position would allow for some insight into the working relationships with all involved. I would continue to monitor the situation and provide support as necessary.
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Health Hazard
Date: Apr 16th, 2006 10:21:49 pm - Subscribe
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Well, upon recieving this memo, I would fist contact my district superintendent, or personnel director, and inform them of the memo. I would let them ultimately handle this scenario as it could become volitale.
I would feel that this person, Mrs. Penn has violated patient confidentiality, and should not just get by with her accusation without recourse. If I personally had to handle this, I would after talking to district personnel ask that we have a meeting with Mr. Wonderful, the superintendent, and myself. I would encourage Mr. Wonderful to press charges if he thought his privacy had been violated.
I have thought about this from a couple of different perspectives, and although he may not pose an imminent threat to the students; I would feel that he should make the district aware of the situation to provide for his own protection, as well as other students and personnel. He may have some protection due to discrimination laws, however, the ultimate concern of all should be the safety of the students. I would have to contact our school lawyer to find out the appropriate measures to follow.
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